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    To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom

    - Bertrand Russell

  • Success Stories

    CEO with Anger Outbursts and ADHD

    A 49-year-old President and CEO of a large charitable foundation presented because of problems with anger outbursts, which had worsened over the past several years. These included shouting at motorists, and provocative public encounters that at times almost resulted in physical encounters. In addition, he had become angrier at home with his wife, which placed a strain on a marriage that had previously been very satisfying. The outbursts had followed a series of major life events for this highly talented executive that had taken place over several years; he had lost both of his parents, his youngest daughter had gone off to college, and his foundation was facing unique challenges that demanded more organizational leadership and executive demands than before.
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    Adult Man – Cocaine Self-Treatment for Undiagnosed ADHD

    A 34-year old married man, who was a mid-level manager at a large retail company, was evaluated because of his drug use. His addictive behavior had seriously impaired his functioning at work, his relationship with his family and his marriage. As those situations deteriorated further he was encouraged to seek treatment by his family.
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    Adult Woman with Depression & ADHD

    A 42-year old married woman presented with a three-year history of panic attacks. The attacks came over her in “waves,” and were characterized by typical signs of panic attacks including her feeling a flushing sensation in her face, feeling she would die, a rapid heartbeat, nausea and a sense of doom. In addition, she developed excessive sleepiness, depression, crying spells, episodes of “feeling funny,” déjà vu, ringing in her ears and episodes where people “sound incoherent.” Also, she suffered from headaches and a change in her sense of taste.
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    Adult Woman with Manic Depressive (Bipolar) Disorder

    A 29-year old married, mother of a young child age 2, presented with a history of recurrent and disabling depression and headaches. Several weeks prior to presentation, she became severely depressed and had difficulty moving, had diminished appetite, had crying spells much of the day and felt suicidal. At the time she presented, she was on Prozac 20 mg a day, and described herself as getting “manicky” on the Prozac. By this, she meant that she was “rushing around, laughing a lot and having more anxiety.” A past trial with Wellbutrin was poorly tolerated because of sweating episodes, insomnia and agitation. Her depression was worsening despite the Prozac treatment.
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    Attorney with Depression Following Concussion

    A 48 year old attorney was referred because he was suffering from depression and anxiety attacks that were getting worse despite taking antidepressant medication prescribed by his internist. Three years prior to his coming into the office, this client suffered a concussion while he and a friend were performing maintenance on an antique sports car. A hammer slipped from the friend’s hand and struck the client in the forehead. The client received five stitches and was reported to have suffered a mild concussion.
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    CEO with Anger Control Problems

    A 52 year old CEO of a multinational company with many divisions presented because of escalating problems with anger outbursts at home and at work, to the point where his wife was considering divorce, and his children were scared of him. While he was excited about his recent promotion to CEO and the financial benefits it brought to him and the family, he was feeling extremely stressed, and doubted his capabilities to perform his new job.
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    Federal Agency – Maintain Morale While Downsizing

    A Federal Agency contacted us because of a need for management consulting related to a forced downsizing of its professional staff, due to contractions in the industry that the Agency supported. Because of changes in federal policy, the Agency’s power and prestige had rapidly fallen, which resulted in a decline in morale for line professionals and managers. Depression was on the rise among the employees, as were anger outbursts and increased incidence of alcohol abuse and divorce. Complicating the situation was the fact that the employees were highly educated in a relatively narrow professional field, which made outplacement activities more challenging. When we arrived, one had the feeling that the personnel, a very talented and bright group of individuals, felt that they were on a sinking ship with no lifeboats.
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    Private School – Dealing with Student Death

    We received an urgent call from the Headmaster of a local private school, who reported that one of its students was suddenly killed by a freak act of nature, while attending a school sports event. The faculty, student body, and parents were in a state of shock, as many of them witnessed the sudden and violent death of the student.
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    Senior Citizen with Memory Loss

    An 80-year old, married father of two presented with a history of decreased appetite, indigestion with substantial abdominal pain, excessive sleeping, acute and chronic depression and forgetfulness. The symptoms began three months prior to presentation, shortly after the death of a close friend. Upper GI examination was normal, although he had a past history of gastric ulcer. The client had a past history of a mild stroke a year before coming into the office and had fully recovered without any permanent disability. There was a history of prostate cancer which was in remission, and physical examination was normal including SMA-23, B-12, folic acid levels and thyroid function studies which were tested as potential causes of a “reversible dementia.” The client was taking Lanoxin, Prozac 20 mg a day, Carafate, Coumadin, DES and Zantac at the time he first presented for a psychiatric evaluation.
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    Senior Executive with Depression and Anxiety

    A 52 year old man presented with depression and anxiety related to problems at work. He was a successful IT executive who specialized in network security, and had the underlying intellectual potential to become a Chief Information Officer. However, he had a series of “problems with superiors” at work that impaired his advancement up the corporate ladder, and led to his switching companies every year or two, moving laterally as opposed to advancing his career path.
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    Teenager:ADHD, Depression and Substance Abuse

    A 16-year old boy was referred for treatment because of his increasing difficulty functioning. His presenting problems included speech and language problems, learning disabilities, poor impulse control and substance abuse. He also suffered from rapid changes in his mood, and at times appeared to gaze off into space and “zone out.”
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