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    We are proud to offer a number of self-help titles, written by our own clinicians. Check out our catalogue and explore how our books can help you heal.

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    Unraveling Our DNA as a Root Cause of Mental Health: The Role of Genetic Testing in Root Cause PsychiatryTM 

    Dive into genetic testing and how we can use it to help us realize the dream of tailor-made treatments for each and every individual.

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    A Parent's Guide to Autism by Age Group

    Explore the intricacies of evaluating, treating, and supporting those with autism spectrum disorder at various stages of development.

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    Becoming Whole: A Healing Companion to Ease Emotional Pain and Find Self Love

    Written by Dr. Kehr, Becoming Whole teaches you how to ease emotional pain in your life—and in the lives of those you care about.

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    Ease Emotional Pain: 9 Steps to Build Yourself a Healthier Brain

    Written by Dr. Kehr, this free mini-book gives you instant access to actionable brain-health tips to help you feel better and function more effectively.

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    Enduring Alzheimer’s: Practical Tips for
    Caring for your Loved One and Yourself

    Co-written by Dr. Kehr , this curated guide includes caregiving tips, practical advice, and other valuable resources from Alzheimer’s experts, families of loved ones with Alzheimer’s, and professional caregivers.

    Integrative Geriatric Nutrition Thumbnail

    Integrative Geriatric Nutrition:
    A Practitioner’s Guide to Dietary Approaches for Older Adults

    Co-written by Julie Wendt, this book provides a review of therapeutic foods and diets that benefit aging patients.

    Bad Bugs and Mental Health

    Bad Bugs and Mental Health 

    How Infections and Your Gut Microbiome Can Trigger and Perpetuate Psychiatric Conditions.


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