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    Treating Stress Management

    Do you feel consistently overwhelmed?

    Are you easily frustrated, irritable, or anxious because of your high levels of stress? Do you wish you could learn how to manage your stress load so you’re not always on edge?

    Stress is a natural part of daily life—but when stress levels are high or go unresolved, the body is kept in a state of constant activation, which can increase the rate of wear and tear on our bodies and minds.

    Rooted in the latest genetic and cellular health science, our unique stress management program helps you find strategies to manage stress that work for you and your lifestyle, so that you can focus on the important things in life and be present for the moments that matter.

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    How We Help


    Our stress management program uses therapy to help you understand what thought patterns, emotions, behaviors, and environments can be modified to reduce your stress.

    Genetic Testing

    Your genetic makeup may be playing a role in how stress takes a toll on you. We use genetic testing to recommend and prescribe precise treatments tailored to your needs.

    Nutritional Psychiatry

    Chronic stress can lead to inflammation, sleeplessness, and more. Our nutritional psychiatry program can guide you through the dietary choices that make a difference.


    The four pillars of
    stress management

    Our stress management program helps you build and incorporate strategies for reducing stress in four key areas of your life:


    Cognitive strategies

    We teach you how to recognize and mitigate the effects of stress-inducing triggers. 


    Mind-body strategies

    We teach you how to evoke a relaxation response to counter mental and physical manifestations of stress.


    Physical behavior strategies

    We help you develop ways to improve sleep, movement, and nutrition to lower your stress levels.


    Relationship strategies

    We help you develop strategies and tactics to improve the important relationships in your life. 

    Stress Management Resources

    Are you dealing with
    more than stress?

    Sometimes, finding ways to manage your stress is enough to get your life back on track. Other times, stress is a symptom of something deeper. We help you uncover and treat the root causes of your stress, whatever they may be.

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