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    Genetic Testing for ReCODE and PreCODE

    Preventing and Treating Cognitive Decline with Genetic Testing


    If cognitive decline symptoms are being experienced by you or a loved one, acting quickly is critical.

    Cognitive decline and memory loss is a frightening experience, whether you are observing it in a loved one or experiencing it yourself. Once thought of as an inevitable consequence of “getting older,” modern scientific research and cutting-edge genetic testing enable us to approach dementia and many other aspects of aging as “treatable diseases.” How?

    Preventing and Treating Cognitive Decline with Genetic Testing

    DNA Expression can be a Root Cause of Treatable Dementia

    Inside each of the 30 trillion cells and 100 trillion microbes that create and maintain your body as a life form. DNA, RNA, enzymes, and other molecules, when harmonized, co-create an equilibrium that keeps cellular chaos, and even death itself, at bay. If our “DNA blueprint” remains healthy, we enjoy a cellular “grand symphony” inside our body. When this blueprint is damaged, or certain genes predispose us to cognitive decline and dementia, our brain cells age more rapidly, and this symphony can degenerate into cellular “noise.” Our cells move from sentient to senseless to senescent.

    What can be done?

    Genetic Testing can Help Us “Turn off Bad Genes” and “Turn on Good Genes”

    At Potomac Psychiatry, we have used genetic testing to evaluate and treat over 3000 patients, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. We can modify how certain genes are “turned on” and “turned off” to reverse cognitive decline (ReCODE) or prevent cognitive decline (PreCODE).

    Frequently "Alzheimer's Disease" becomes a basket diagnosis given to anyone with dementia.  However, there are dozens of factors that contribute to this dreadful disease, and many of them are treatable. We are using an advanced genomics platform called IntellxxDNA to analyze DNA in seniors who are showing signs of memory loss as well as others with normal brain function who want to protect their cognition.  IntellxxDNA genetic testing helps us to identify modifiable causes of memory loss specific to you and your family.  This then allows our clinicians to develop a unique and precise treatment plan to improve memory lose or prevent it. 

    Memory Loss can be Prevented and Treated Gene-by-Gene

    Memory loss is complex, and more than 100 genes interact with each other and the environment to cause or prevent it. Some genes can trigger poor processing of amyloid, higher levels of brain inflammation, and lower levels of brain growth factors; while others may create lower blood flow or oxygenation of the brain; while other still may make it hard to remove various toxins and damaging chemicals from the brain. IntellxxDNA provides specific ways to address each of these gene variants, so you don't just get information, you get results. There are many supplements and potential interventions that can potentially improve an individual's memory - but tailoring the treatment to one’s personal genetic vulnerabilities is key.  

    To learn more about how genetic testing can alleviate the causes of cognitive decline and improve brain function, read this recent paper published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Then contact us for a no-cost, 15 minute  “brain consult” to see if genetic testing and our ReCODE or PreCODE program may be right for you.  

     You can get the best care of tomorrow, today!

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