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    Treating Behavior Problems

    Does your child habitually refuse to listen at school or at home? Do they find it hard to make and keep friends? Do they act out in aggressive or other out-of-control behaviors? Is their academic performance suffering?

    For parents, nothing is more special than watching your child mature—and nothing is more painful than watching their behavior or habits become self-sabotaging or worse. We help determine the source of your child's negative behavior and help you develop new parenting styles to enable your child to thrive for years to come.

    Our clinicians work in collaboration with families, schools, and pediatricians to determine the best treatment plan for your child—and we listen to you and your child every step of the way.


    How We Help

    Talk Therapy

    We build a trusting relationship with you and your child, deeply listen to all concerns, and offer thoughtful advice suited to your child's needs.

    Genetic Testing

    Your child’s genes may be playing a role in their behavior problems. We offer cutting-edge genetic testing to get to the root causes.


    If your child needs accommodations in school or for standardized testing in order to thrive, our clinicians can help.

    Is bullying causing behavior problems in your child?

    Bullying can cause lasting harm in children—whether they’re the perpetrator or the victim. And if unaddressed, the impacts from bullying can follow them well into adulthood.

    If your child is grappling with bullying, give our experts a call. Let us help you and your child find a way to develop healthier behaviors. 

    Behavior Problem Resources

    Is something deeper driving your child’s behavior?

     Sometimes behavior problems in children are driven by an underlying condition like ADHD, depression, or bipolar disorder. Our clinicians determine the root causes of your child’s behavior and work with you to address them.

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