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    Our expert forensic psychiatrists
    serve attorneys and their clients

    Our highly experienced psychiatrists serve as expert witnesses in many legal contexts, and have been working in the field for decades. Find out more below about what we offer, and to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

    Forensic psychiatry and
    expert witness services

    Forensic telepsychiatry

    We use a fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant technology to facilitate real-time videoconferencing between your client and our experts.

    Older adult cases

    Our experts can help with competency and guardianship evaluations, testamentary capacity, questions related to undue influence, and issues related to estates, wills, and trusts.

    Personal injury cases

    We help with questions of causation, emotional distress, mitigation of emotional injury, treatment needs, prognosis, and more.

    Traumatic brain injury

    Individuals may struggle with both cognitive and emotional effects after a brain injury. We help you value the extent of these injuries to your client.

    Disability cases

    We handle cases involving mental health disability claims under the ADA, and can provide assessments to help obtain reasonable accommodations.


    Our clinicians provide parental fitness and child custody evaluations to assist in reaching an outcome that best serves the needs of the child.

    Child custody cases

    We provide child custody evaluations, evaluation of parental rights, evaluations of allegations of abuse and neglect, and more.

    Child diagnosis cases

    Our experts perform a comprehensive evaluation, including relevant testing, to both diagnose your client and recommend appropriate treatment.

    Criminal minor cases

    Our work includes delinquency evaluations, criminal responsibility evaluations, dangerousness/violence risk assessments, and more.

    Employment cases

    We handle cases involving EEOC claims, workers' compensation claims, Title VII claims, workplace violence risk assessment and more.

    Fitness for duty

    Our experts perform fitness for duty evaluations, evaluate impaired professionals, and conduct workplace violence risk assessments.

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