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    Uncovering underlying causes.
    Recovering health, hope, and happiness for children, adolescents, and adults.

    What is Root Cause Psychiatry™?

    Learn about a unique approach to treating chronic emotional pain through root cause psychiatry. This method involves understanding our complex mental health ecosystem, which includes factors like DNA, the gut microbiome, nutrition, the immune system, and past experiences, through the use of advanced scientific tools to identify these root causes and create a personalized recovery plan. Our "Precision Psychiatry" approach has won numerous regional and national awards.

    A different approach to better mental health for children, adolescents, and adults.

    Whole Body Wellness

    We evaluate your mental health ecosystem, including genetics, cellular functioning, and gut microbiome, to restore your health.

    Personalized Treatment

    You are unique—your care should be, too. We tailor treatment to your individual ecosystem for results you can truly feel.

     Integrated Care

    Our collaborative team—your healing companions—walk with you each step of the way to help you flourish.

    Root Cause Psychiatry™ and the Treatment-Resistant Patient

    Learn how Root Cause Psychiatry™ helped two of our patients achieve a full recovery, following years of being resistant to standard psychiatric treatments. For each of them, we first identified the unique underlying causes of their chronic emotional distress, including their genetic makeup, gut microbiome, cellular health, and immune system functioning, to blueprint their treatment plan. We then implemented that plan using prescription medication, epigenetic modulation of their genes, gut healing, and nutritional biochemistry.

    "I have been a rather large consumer of psychiatry services for 30 years.  I have experienced a great many methods and styles.  But I have met no one as thoughtful, thorough and effective as Dr. Kehr and his team.  Rather than simply prescribe pills, Dr. Kehr figures out what the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms are. Dr. Kehr keys in on things that few others do and that most will miss. He’s a true scientist and craftsman with a superb manner.  If you have had trouble addressing your issues and need a fresh and creative perspective, Dr. Kehr is your man.  I cannot recommend him highly enough."

    Mark M.

    "The Root Cause program helped me to maintain the confidence that relief was coming in the near future. It was very assuring to know that doctors were going to solve my issues, not just partially settle them. Thank you to the entire Root Cause team for helping me to identify the source of my distress and getting me to a healthier state.”

    Richard L.

    Meet your Root Cause healing companions

    Bruce A. Kehr, M.D.
    Julie Wendt, MS, LN, CNS
    Patrick Harmon M.D. Circle Headshot
    Patrick H. Harmon, M.D., MDiv, DMin

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    To find out more about our Root Cause Psychiatry™ program, please contact our team today.

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    Using Root Cause Psychiatry™ to build your personalized roadmap to recovery

    Root Cause Psychiatry™ treats both your mind and your body—but most importantly, it treats you as the unique individual you are.

    Working together as your Root Cause Team, psychiatrists Dr. Kehr or Dr. Johnson and nutritionist Julie Wendt combine their expertise to build a personalized treatment roadmap specific to your biological, psychological, and social needs. Your dedicated program manager, Dana Schwartz, will coordinate and manage every aspect of your care. And your team will meet weekly to answer your questions and discuss your progress.

    This process personalizes every step of your journey—and we are honored to be a part of it.

    • Step 1: Build a Blueprint

      To build your treatment plan, we listen to your story and administer genetic, nutritional, gut microbiome, and other comprehensive lab assessments to determine baseline root causes of your illness and blueprint our initial interventions.

    • Step 2: Address Additional Root Causes

      Based upon your initial treatment response, your team may identify additional root causes, add them to your integrative health blueprint, and recommend refinements to your treatment roadmap.

    • Step 3: Restore your Health from the Roots Up

      Your team will then monitor your progress over 12 months and refine the plan as needed. Treatment will consist of specific solutions for each and every root cause of illness or suffering, from medication to dietary recommendations, talk therapy, supplements, and more.

    Find out more about Root Cause Psychiatry™

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    Discover the roots of wellness

    Learn more about Root Cause Psychiatry™

    Finding the root causes of your suffering can lead to better mental health.


    How does Potomac Psychiatry blueprint root causes?

    Your wellbeing relies on a multitude of biological and psychological factors working together in harmony.


    The role genetics play in mental health

    Genetic testing is the future of precision medicine. Learn how it works. 


    Find Out How Root Cause Psychiatry™ Transformed Marissa's Life


    Your Healing Companion, Powered by AI

    Ask me questions Ask me questions, so I can begin to help you
    Talk with Dr. Bruce
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