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    Learn about a unique approach to treating chronic emotional pain through root cause psychiatry. This method involves understanding our complex mental health ecosystem, which includes factors like DNA, the gut microbiome, nutrition, the immune system, and past experiences, through the use of advanced scientific tools to identify these root causes and create a personalized recovery plan. Our "Precision Psychiatry" approach has won numerous regional and national awards.

    Other Podcasts and Videos

    Root Cause Psychiatry and the Treatment-Resistant Patient

    Learn how Root Cause Psychiatry helped two of our patients achieve a full recovery, following years of being resistant to standard psychiatric treatments. For each of them, we first identified the unique underlying causes of their chronic emotional distress, including their genetic makeup, gut microbiome, cellular health, and immune system functioning, to blueprint their treatment plan. We then implemented that plan using prescription medication, epigenetic modulation of their genes, gut healing, and nutritional biochemistry.

    Do Infections Cause Depression, Anxiety, And Other Psychiatric Diseases?

    Dr. Miles Nichols speaks to Potomac Psychiatry's Founder, Dr. Bruce Kehr to explore the link between infections and psychiatric diseases like depression and anxiety. Gut health, brain inflammation, and microglia activation may contribute to mental health disorders. Autoimmunity against brain structures post-infection can also cause mental health issues. Testing and treatment options are available to reduce infectious load and regulate the immune system. Treatment may improve brain function and mental health by changing brain autoimmunity. The podcast also looks at the future of cutting-edge treatments and where psychiatry is heading.

    Living Chronic Podcast featuring Dr. Bruce Kehr and Julie Wendt 

    Brandy Schantz, host of the Living Chronic Podcast interviews Dr. Bruce Kehr and Julie Wendt, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist of Potomac Psychiatry about all things mental health. Topics discussed include Root Cause Psychiatry, how nutrition affects your overall wellbeing, and the benefits of Precision Psychiatry.  Included are valuable insights to help you feel better, faster.

    What is Precision Psychiatry?

    In this interview, Dr. Dennis Sholler speaks with Drs. Bruce Alan Kehr, Rene Stokes, Chuck Ng, and Julie Wendt, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist about their work at Potomac Psychiatry.

    Topics Discussed: Root Cause Psychiatry, Genetic Testing, Nutritional Psychiatry, and Evaluation and Treatment of Developmental Disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

    The Neuro-Psychological Impact and Treatment of Concussion

    Dr. Jay Greenstein and Dr. Bruce Kehr discuss diagnosis and the latest treatments for concussion

    National Second Opinion Program 

    Our Second Opinion Program combines the cutting-edge science of genetic and other advanced laboratory testing with the expertise of our award-winning clinicians to determine the biological, psychological, and social causes of your suffering—and to solve your treatment resistance for good. 

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