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    ADHD, Anxiety, and the Autism Spectrum (Live Q&A)

    Potomac Psychiatry and The Auburn School host this webinar. The webinar features Dr. Margery Johnson, a child, adolescent, and young adult psychiatrist, who discusses the challenges of diagnosing and treating coexisting conditions like ADHD and anxiety in individuals on the autism spectrum. Dr. Johnson explains that while the core neurodevelopmental issues of autism are not necessarily amenable to medication treatment, anxiety, and ADHD can significantly impact the lives and functioning of these individuals, and treating these coexisting conditions can have a positive impact on quality of life and outcomes.

    Autism and the Human Microbiome (Live Q&A)

    Potomac Psychiatry and The Auburn School host this webinar. The webinar features a discussion about the role of the human microbiome in autism. Dr. Rob Knight, a renowned Microbiologist explains that while research is still ongoing, there is evidence to suggest that the microbiome can influence autism symptoms through inflammatory processes, the production of small molecules, and gut dysfunction. He also discusses the potential of microbiome-directed therapies for autism, such as fecal transplant, diet modification, vaccines, and targeted antibiotics. Dr. Knight also addresses the increasing prevalence of autism and other inflammatory conditions, suggesting that changes in diet and lifestyle may be contributing factors. He expresses hope for a revolution in nutrition that could potentially reduce the prevalence of these diseases.

    Nutrition and Eating Patterns Related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (Live Q&A)

    Potomac Psychiatry and The Auburn School host this webinar. The webinar features Julie Wendt, a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, and focuses on autism, specifically addressing the challenges and strategies related to diet and nutrition for children with autism. Some discussion topics include the importance of a diverse diet, the impact of certain foods and additives, and the role of anxiety and other mental health conditions in food choices and eating habits. Also covered is the use of genetic testing and functional testing to identify specific nutritional needs and deficiencies. 

    Root Cause Psychiatry™ and the Treatment-Resistant Patient

    The webinar focuses on the role of the Cunningham Panel in the diagnosis and treatment of Psychiatric treatment-resistant patients.  Discussions cover the concepts of molecular mimicry, precision medicine, gut microbiome involvement, addressing inflammation, oxidative stress, and autoimmune responses. Patient stories illustrate the complexity of treatments. The Q&A session addresses topics like psychotropics, the significance of certain panel results, the benefits of therapies like transcranial magnetic stimulation, and the immune-modulating effects of antidepressants.

    ADHD and the Autism Spectrum

    Discover the fascinating world of neuroatypical children and their unique brilliance. Explore the crucial approach of symptom-focused treatment with Dr. Margery Johnson, a specialized psychiatrist in child, adolescent, and young adult care. Learn about the transformative power of addressing coexisting conditions, and enhancing overall well-being. Unravel the complexities of supporting neuroatypical children and redefine their paths to success with priceless insights.

    Anxiety and the Autism Spectrum

    Dr. Margery Johnson, a child, adolescent, and young adult psychiatrist explores the nuances of the autism spectrum and uncovers the hidden potential of higher-functioning individuals. Gain valuable insights into early treatment and the evolving needs as well as effective strategies for managing anxiety. Explore the fascinating connection between routine aversions, emotional regulation, social and environmental anxiety, and OCD-like behaviors. Expand your knowledge of autism and empower yourself with the tools to make a meaningful impact.

    Nourishing the Child with Autism

    Join licensed nutritionist Julie Wendt, MS, CNS, LDN for an overview of the latest research surrounding diet-related interventions for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She'll cover what we know and don't know about how diet and lifestyle factors influence key imbalances that are common in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    Eating Patterns in Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Licensed nutritionist Julie Wendt, MS, CNS, LDN will discuss the most common eating patterns in Autism Spectrum Disorder along with strategies to help parents and families navigate meal times for less stress and more health.  She'll also consider how the use of supplements may help bridge the gap between common eating patterns and the heightened nutritional needs of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    Autism and the Human Microbiome

    Dr. Rob Knight will describe how the human microbiome is linked to human health, how the gut-brain axis contributes to multiple disorders including autism, work from other labs on fecal transplant for autism and their promising results, the American Gut Project/Microsetta study on Pitt-Hopkins and the microbiome and metabolome, and new work reconciling differences between different autism microbiome studies using compositional data methods.

    Management of Autism: The Next Steps After a Diagnosis

    Dr. Chuck Ng a dual board-certified Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician will discuss some of the options available to care for your autistic child in a holistic manner. He will provide insights as well as practical guidance to enhance the well-being and quality of life of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

    Do Infections Cause Depression, Anxiety, And Other Psychiatric Diseases?

    Dr. Miles Nichols speaks to Potomac Psychiatry's Founder, Dr. Bruce Kehr to explore the link between infections and psychiatric diseases like depression and anxiety. Gut health, brain inflammation, and microglia activation may contribute to mental health disorders. Autoimmunity against brain structures post-infection can also cause mental health issues. Testing and treatment options are available to reduce infectious load and regulate the immune system. Treatment may improve brain function and mental health by changing brain autoimmunity. The podcast also looks at the future of cutting-edge treatments and where psychiatry is heading.

    Living Chronic Podcast featuring Dr. Bruce Kehr and Julie Wendt 

    Brandy Schantz, host of the Living Chronic Podcast interviews Dr. Bruce Kehr and Julie Wendt, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist of Potomac Psychiatry about all things mental health. Topics discussed include Root Cause Psychiatry™, how nutrition affects your overall wellbeing, and the benefits of Precision Psychiatry.  Included are valuable insights to help you feel better, faster.

    What is Precision Psychiatry?

    In this interview, Dr. Dennis Sholler speaks with Drs. Bruce Alan Kehr, Rene Stokes, Chuck Ng, and Julie Wendt, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist about their work at Potomac Psychiatry.

    Topics Discussed: Root Cause Psychiatry™, Genetic Testing, Nutritional Psychiatry, and Evaluation and Treatment of Developmental Disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

    The Neuro-Psychological Impact and Treatment of Concussion

    Dr. Jay Greenstein and Dr. Bruce Kehr discuss diagnosis and the latest treatments for concussion

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