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    Becoming Whole by Dr. Bruce Kehr

    Becoming Whole: A guide to ease your emotional pain.

    As Founder and President of Potomac Psychiatry, Dr. Bruce Kehr has a simple mission: to help each patient become the person they’re meant to be—and to show them they’re not alone. In Becoming Whole, he seeks to fulfill that mission by showing readers from all walks of life how to heal their hearts, their souls, and their spirits, and connect with their destiny... perhaps for the first time.

    Becoming Whole Book

    What does a therapy session really look like?

    Split into 12 different “sessions,” each based on a real patient’s treatment journey with Dr. Kehr, Becoming Whole offers a unique glimpse into the relationship of a psychiatrist and his patient as they work together to ease emotional pain and find self love.

    Each session brings the reader into the treatment room with Dr. Kehr and a patient whose mental health is suffering. Dr. Kehr describes what brought the patient to seek help and demonstrates how, with time, trust, and dedication, patients can overcome even the worst traumas to reclaim their future.

    Each chapter includes a workbook for readers to explore and use to heal their own suffering, and to feel less alone.

    What topics are covered in
    Becoming Whole?

    Dr. Kehr leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his patients. Topics covered in his sessions include: 
    • What it’s like to enter therapy for the first time
    • How to heal from an existential crisis
    • Transcending sexual abuse and seeking out healthy relationships
    • How to achieve emotional health and self-love
    • ... and much more.


    Meet Dr. Kehr

    The founder and President of Potomac Psychiatry, Dr. Bruce Kehr is a national award-winning psychiatrist, best-selling author, and widely read psychiatric blogger.


     Becoming Whole is best described as a “pocket therapist”. By sharing optimistic and compelling patient stories, personal reflections, and practical tools, Dr. Kehr literally becomes our “companion advisor” and provides a highly readable framework for understanding and solving many of the common problems we face throughout our lives.

    Weaving together self-help, psychotherapy, and medication, this book is a must-read for anyone striving to become whole and to create a more fulfilling life.

    Harry Leider, M.D., MBA

    Chief medical officer and group vice president of Walgreens

    Becoming Whole feels so personal, as if I’m sitting and talking with the doctor in his office. I love the vivid, real cases in which we can find ourselves, the step-by-step tactics to do something, and the songs to go with each lesson.

    It’s an emotional, visual, and auditory feast that adds a tactile hug to complete one’s transformation to wholeness. My brain is on fire with new energy about what it means to be human.

    Scott Halford

    Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Activate Your Brain

    Becoming Whole takes a new track in providing insights into the therapeutic process. Instead of it being a psychoanalytic mystery, the process of what the therapist is trying to help the patient accomplish is spelled out explicitly. Cogent case examples are given that further clarify the therapeutic interactions.

    These are in the setting of a holistic approach that also includes medicines, vitamins, and other adjuncts. Together, these provide an excellent road map toward wellness.

    Robert M. Post, M.D.

    Professor of psychiatry at George Washington School of Medicine, head of the Bipolar Collaborative Network, and former chief of the Biological Psychiatry Branch of the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH)

    My family is one of the millions who has a loved one with a mental disorder. Becoming Whole gave us game-changing, life-saving strategies that helped all of us. Dr. Kehr, who is as empathetic as he is brilliant, delivers on his promise to be a healing companion. The book is destined to become a classic.”

    Mary LoVerde

    Hall of Fame speaker and author of I Used to Have a Handle on Life but It Broke

    Becoming Whole is an insightful, accessible, powerful, and revealing self-help guide for therapy in which psychiatrist Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D., artfully uses patient stories to illuminate the challenges we face in untangling our hearts. Because these challenges shape the way we experience ourselves and our lives, Becoming Whole is not only a healing companion but a valuable life companion as well.

    Steve Sidel

    Founder and CEO of Mindoula Health


    Your Healing Companion, Powered by AI

    Ask me questions Ask me questions, so I can begin to help you
    Talk with Dr. Bruce
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