Biohack Your Genes for Better Mental Health

biohacker—someone who uses science and technology to make his or her body and mind function better and more efficiently. Epigenetics, the study of how your internal and external environments change the expression of your genes, puts hard science behind what humans have long known – that you can optimize your diet, behavior and environment to biohack your body and mind to new levels.

A Genetic Test Will Change How You Think About Your Mental Health

Imagine for a moment the complexity of your human body – that each of your 30 trillion cells contains up to 2 trillion molecules – and that your body also contains 100 trillion bacterial cells (your microbiome) that continuously “talk to” those 30 trillion human cells – a vast and highly complex “molecular symphony” that constitutes your physical self. DNA resides inside each of those 130 trillion cells, and human DNA is comprised of 25,000 genes! These genes are both the “composer” and “conductor” of that vast symphony orchestra that constitutes the life processes inside you. The human genome is truly awesome and complex, but understanding your DNA is not just possible, it can change the way you think about your mental health. Through our genetic testing consultations, a simple cheek swab will begin to provide important answers.

DNA Facts

We 7.8 Billion Humans share 99.6% of our genetic code!  Our individuality comes from just 0.4% variation in that code!

Biohack your DNA to improve your mental health through genetic testing. Learn how to modify the expression of your brain health genes using supplements, lifestyle changes and medication.

Biohack Your Genetic Destiny

To truly comprehend this elegant symphony of life, I encourage you to watch the video below, which does an excellent job of visualizing the inner workings of our cells. As you’ll see, genes are sections of DNA that contain instructions for building proteins. Those proteins—made up of amino acids—will eventually determine everything from the color of your eyes to whether you might suffer from anxiety, depression, or other emotional conditions. As you watch and listen to this video, you might think that such a beautiful, mechanical process might point to a genetic predeterminism—that our fates are sealed in each of those genes (our cellular “code”) that get read and do their work.



20 seconds into the video, the narrator speaks a line that makes a different case. Did you catch it? “When the gene is switched on…”. Now, re-watch the video and consider those mechanical processes in a different light: like any good computer, the process of reading our genes in order to create the proteins that build and rebuild our very selves is one of inputs and outputs. You have a big say over those inputs. You can Biohack them. Isn’t that exciting! While you may be genetically predisposed to certain mental health conditions, there are innumerable inputs that you can control to tell your body to switch “on” or “off” certain genes. These inputs include everything from vitamins and supplements to targeted medications to a simple run in the morning.

Now, watch the video one more time and consider: your pattern of getting stressed out, your craving for just one more glass of wine, even your puzzlement over your own serious PTSD symptoms as opposed to friends who lack these traits—all of these personality characteristics are rooted in those proteins floating in your cell’s cytoplasm. And armed with the knowledge of your personal genome to select the inputs that drive healthier genetic outputs, you may just be able to alter those traits over time. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, I hope you realize that when it comes to the immensity of your “inner universe,” through the use of genetic testing you can develop the biohacking tools to promote the health of your own infinite complexity a little bit better—gene by gene. We can help you develop a scientific roadmap for your biohacking journey to feel better faster.

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