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    Can Your Genetic Code Shape Your Mental Health Destiny?

    Reader, do you believe you can change who you are? 

    While this question may seem simple on its face, your answer can unconsciously determine much of your behavior, from the future you dream about to the choices you make in your career, relationships, and more. Our belief—or lack thereof—in our own ability to change affects everything we do. But, contrary to popular belief, this question is hardly subjective. After decades of research into the mind and body, scientific experts have come to a unanimous answer: Yes. You can change who you are—not just on a superficial level, but in the deepest way possible. 

    Reader, you have the power to change the workings of the very genetic code that makes you you—and by addressing the root causes of your mental health, you can change the influence of that code on your mental health, and your life, for the better.

    “No sane biologist believes that we are entirely the product of their genes, but once you bring genes into the picture, then our perception of ourselves can no longer be the same.”

    – Paul Berg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

    Using Your Genetic Code to Treat Mental Illness

    One of the most disheartening comments I hear regularly in my practice is, “I just am who I am, Doc.” 

    My heart breaks for patients who feel this way about their mental health—and yet, at the same time, I can understand where they are coming from. You see, many patients suffering depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental illnesses experience a trial-and-error approach to treatment. 

    They are prescribed one pill, and when that one doesn’t work, they’re switched to another, and then another. Often this process can take years from a patient’s life—and can leave them feeling more dejected than ever about their chances of ever feeling truly better. Sadly, this approach is like putting a band-aid over a broken bone. 

    At Potomac Psychiatry, we guide our patients through a journey of understanding the biological, psychological, and social root causes of their illness. And by undertaking a comprehensive assessment of these root causes—including our patients’ genetic code and how it relates to their mental health—we help build out a treatment plan unique to each patient that helps them achieve full recovery. 


    The Genetic Causes of Your Mental Health Suffering

    Thanks to years of groundbreaking research, we know more than ever before about the biological roots of our suffering. But, just like the roots found in nature, our roots, too, can change and adapt depending on numerous biological and environmental factors—many of which we have control over! The scientific term for these changes is called epigenetics. This exciting new field, which studies all of the processes by which we can change our gene activity, represents the frontier of psychiatric care—and at Potomac Psychiatry, we are already putting this research to use to better our patients’ lives. 

    That’s why genetic testing sits at the core of our comprehensive mental health assessments. The results of genetic tests can provide us with critical information into our patients’ mental health, and enable us to make seemingly simple tweaks and adjustments to treatment plans that can make for a positive life-changing impact. 

    Whether you are suffering from depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or any other mental illness, Potomac Psychiatry can see you through to the other side—and your unique genetic code will help us build out the roadmap for getting you there. Our practitioners aim to show you that you can change your life. We hope to join you on this exciting journey. 


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    Take the first step to understanding how your genetic code is tied to your mental health and contact us today.

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