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Should You Consider our Genetic Testing Consultation?

Genetic testing may provide critically important information to help you feel better and function more effectively, if you are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, or bipolar disorder.

Feel better faster, at a lower cost. Through personalized precision psychiatry, a genetic test can reduce the cost of treatment and improve quality-of-life in patients with depression. And in patients with mood or anxiety disorders, three months following the use of genetic testing information, 87% showed clinically measurable improvement; and for those patients with two or more prior treatment failures, 91% showed clinically measurable improvement. Patients also reported significant decreases in medication side effects.

For the past seven years our doctors have utilized genetic testing consultations to help over 2000 patients.

Our genetic testing blogs have been read by over 800,000 people in 206 countries.

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To save you money, we can provide a genetic testing consultation, or a second opinion using genetic testing, along with a written treatment plan that could be carried out by an outside psychiatrist who participates with your health insurance plan.

Have you or a loved one wished you could find…

  • A personalized, precise approach to feel better as soon as possible
  • A psychiatrist who understands the latest mental health genetic science
  • A way to recover your mental health as soon as possible
  • A treatment plan that actually works
  • A better response to medication
  • A psychiatrist who could give you hope

Imagine you could…

  • Be provided a precise treatment roadmap based upon cutting-edge science
  • Partner with a psychiatrist who will do whatever it takes to help you or your loved one achieve a full recovery as soon as possible
  • Avoid a “trial and error” approach to prescription medications
  • Have the current treatment plan optimized to achieve better results
  • Be prescribed medication, supplements and lifestyle modifications tailored to your or your loved one’s personal genetic makeup
  • Feel hopeful that a dedicated team of practitioners can and will provide answers and solutions

You don’t have to imagine it.

Discover Personalized Precision Psychiatry and begin a healing journey with us that is evidence-based and unique.

If your answer is “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then please call us at (301) 984-9791 to learn more about our genetic testing consultation services, as we will do “Whatever it Takes” to help you.

Genetic testing is a simple, fast and painless procedure

At Potomac Psychiatry, genetic testing is a simple, fast and painless procedure our doctors use to personalize your medication regimen. This test may provide more rapid, targeted, and effective diagnostic and treatment outcomes. Genetic testing can be very valuable for children, adolescents, and adults. Behind the scenes, our doctors leverage groundbreaking science and technology to generate and analyze your genetic profile. With careful analysis, our doctors can identify genetic markers that help predict how certain drugs are likely to affect you. The relationship between your genetic profile and various prescription medications and supplements will be explained to you. Our doctors will then describe the treatment options most likely to be compatible with your genetic makeup, and together you will agree upon your personalized medicine plan.

When your treatment plan will include medication or supplements, genetic testing is recommended. We offer Genomind genetic testing, which can help your clinician provide a more personalized, precise treatment plan based upon your genetic makeup.

Genetic testing:

  • Provides specific genetic information to help improve your mental health
  • Reveals which medications and supplements will likely be the most effective
  • Helps predict and prevent side effects and drug-drug interactions
  • Provides personalized dosing guidance based upon how your body metabolizes specific medications
  • Enables our doctors to better target drug treatments – reducing trial and error
  • Accelerates positive treatment outcomes

This testing is immediately available to you via our telepsychiatry consulting services, and we can express ship a test kit to your home address. For more information on the different genetic tests we use click here. Ask your clinician about how Genomind’s tests can help you feel better faster and recover your health.

Requirements Prior to Scheduling Your Initial Consultation

  • A treating primary care doctor or psychiatrist in your local area who is willing to provide your ongoing care, and to whom we shall release your medical information about the genetic test findings and our professional recommendations, following your initial consultation.
  • A current diagnosis and any previously prescribed medications, so the Potomac Psychiatry doctor who will perform your consultation can complete their portion of the intake forms prior mailing you the genetic testing kit(s). If you do not have a diagnosis, you are able to self-pay without insurance. (please inform our staff if this is the case).
  • Previously Tried Prescriptions
  • Current Prescriptions
  • If you live at a distance, we also offer: telepsychiatry services.

Your Genetic Test Results

Many patients discover that understanding their genetic profile brings a feeling of relief – finally they have an explanation for why they feel the way they do. For most, it’s their first view into some of Nature’s building blocks that make them who they are. Our doctors explain the test results and provide a matter of fact, science-based framework with which patients can better understand their conditions. Patients that undergo genetic testing appreciate that their treatments are based on additional scientific knowledge, and objective test results. As our doctors interpret the findings, many patients recognize for the first time that there are specific neurobiological reasons for their condition. Armed with this new understanding, and treatment in the form of personalized medicine, our patients feel more confident as they pursue their path to better health.

How is Genetic Testing Administered?

  • Genetic testing is simple, fast and painless.
  • You make two appointments at our office
  • On your first appointment we’ll explain the genetic test and swab your cheek to obtain your genetic material.
  • Your genetic sample is analyzed and reported in 5 – 7 business days.
  • In your second appointment we will review your report with you and discuss treatment options that are well-suited for your genetic profile.

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