HIPAA-Compliant Telepsychiatry Services

We remain committed to supporting your health and safety!

During these troubling times of pandemic anxiety, Potomac Psychiatry can provide you all of our comprehensive psychiatric services remotely, in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are currently in treatment with us or are seeking a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan, we are here to help.

What is Telepsychiatry?

At Potomac Psychiatry, we use a fully-encrypted, HIPAA-compliant telecommunication technology to facilitate real-time videoconferencing between you and your psychiatrist or therapist. 

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Wherever possible we will arrange to schedule your initial appointment within one business day of our first telephone call with you.

Telehealth Diagnostic Evaluations and Treatment Services

Whether you are homebound or live at a distance in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or Pennsylvania, the caring professionals at Potomac Psychiatry will do Whatever It Takes to help you feel well, recover your health, improve your relationships with others, and determine your destiny—with no need to come into our offices.

We are driven to meticulously identify and treat the underlying biological, psychological, and social causes of emotional distress; persistently striving to help our patients achieve a full recovery. Whatever It Takes may include innovative genetic and laboratory testing; coordination with other medical specialists and nutritionists; medication and supplements; nutrition and lifestyle management; and uncovering the unconscious and interpersonal causes of emotional pain.

Our cutting-edge telehealth technologies enable us to provide you with an initial consultation, diagnostic evaluation, and continued treatment. Utilizing secure video communication to contact you via your laptop, smart phone, tablet, or personal computer, we can effectively provide you the mental health support you need in this time of crisis and follow your progress over time.

If you reside in any other state, we can also help you with our remote genetic testing and second opinion consultations.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry in the Age of Coronavirus

  • Increased convenience: You can receive specialized behavioral health treatment from the comfort of your home, without the hassle or cost of visiting the offices of your psychiatrist.
  • Quality of care: By allowing your psychiatrist to connect with you on a more routine basis, telepsychiatry offers greater continuity of care, increased quality, and a broader range of services no matter where you are.
  • Access: Telepsychiatry enables you and your psychiatrist to easily overcome whatever barriers the coronavirus pandemic has put between you and your access to services, from geographic distance to transportation difficulties to time limitations.
  • Privacy: The technology platform we use is HIPAA-compliant, using 256-bit encryption (bank-level security).
  • Simplicity of use: Our telepsychiatry platform is very easy to use. All you need is a webcam, a computer, and Internet to log in and begin the psychiatry session with your doctor.