Virtual Video Forensic Telepsychiatry

Expert Witness Evaluation and Testimony

Virtual Video Forensic Telepsychiatry is a subspecialty of psychiatry, practiced via a videoconferencing platform, that includes the areas in which psychiatry is applied to legal issues, risk assessment and other facets of government such as professional licensing agencies. In the legal realm, forensic telepsychiatry has a role in both civil and criminal litigation.

Potomac Psychiatry’s Forensic Telepsychiatry Program

At Potomac Psychiatry, we use a fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant telecommunication technology to facilitate real-time videoconferencing between your client and our experts. It offers greater privacy than face-to-face visits, as there is no need for your client to sit in a waiting room filled with patients.

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Potomac Psychiatry offers remote expert consultation in forensic telepsychiatry through the experience and expertise of Drs. Guillermo Portillo, Mark Novitsky and Bruce Kehr. And our dedicated Forensic Specialist, Dana Schwartz, ensures timely and thoughtful responsiveness to you and your clients to faithfully adhere to the timeline you have established for your client’s case.


Benefits of Telepsychiatry in the Age of Coronavirus

  • Increased convenience: You can receive specialized behavioral health treatment from the comfort of your home, without the hassle or cost of visiting the offices of your psychiatrist.
  • Quality of care: By allowing your psychiatrist to connect with you on a more routine basis, telepsychiatry offers greater continuity of care, increased quality, and a broader range of services no matter where you are.
  • Access: Telepsychiatry enables you and your psychiatrist to easily overcome whatever barriers the coronavirus pandemic has put between you and your access to services, from geographic distance to transportation difficulties to time limitations.
  • Privacy: The technology platform we use is HIPAA-compliant, using 256-bit encryption (bank-level security).
  • Simplicity of use: Our telepsychiatry platform is very easy to use. All you need is a webcam, a computer, and Internet to log in and begin the psychiatry session with your doctor.

We provide consultation for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Consultation includes, but is not limited to, case and record review, independent medical evaluations, forensic psychiatric reports, depositions and courtroom testimony.

Please contact us at (301) 984-9791 or by email at to schedule a no-cost 30-minute expert consultation to evaluate your case and determine if we are a good fit to retain as experts.

Dr. Guillermo Portillo


Guillermo Portillo, M.D. is a board certified forensic psychiatrist with experience in civil and criminal cases, cases related to employment issues such as fitness for duty evaluations as well as expertise in evaluating impaired professionals. As a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Portillo is an expert in the area at the interface of psychiatry and the law. He also provides consultations for diagnostic clarification and assessment of psychopharmacologic and therapeutic interventions for appropriateness.

Dr. Portillo currently has an academic appointment as an adjunct clinical faculty member at Temple University Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science where he has lectured on forensic and emergency psychiatry. Additionally, Dr. Portillo is able to provide services and consultation in both English and Spanish.

View complete curriculum vitae for Guillermo Portillo, M.D.

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Personal Injury

  • Malpractice and standards of care for mental health professionals
  • Emotional injury/damages
  • Recommendation of treatment needs and prognosis


  • Mental health disability claims
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Family Law

  • Evaluations of adults in matters of parental rights

Employment Litigation

  • Fitness for duty
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims (EEOC)
  • Impaired professionals
  • Racial, sexual, gender, or religious discrimination and/or harassment
  • Workplace violence risk assessment

Civil Capacity

  • Testamentary Capacity
  • Guardianship

Meet Dr. Bruce Kehr

Dr. Bruce A Kehr

Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D. is the Founder and President of Potomac Psychiatry. He has been named a Washingtonian Magazine “Top Doctor” annually from 2012 to 2019; and in 2019 he was the only adult psychiatrist named “Top Doctor” by Bethesda Magazine.

Dr. Kehr has extensive background and training in the evaluation and treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury, having been trained by world-renowned neuropsychiatrists including Drs. Dietrich Blumer, Michael P. Alexander, and D. Frank Benson (deceased) during his residency program; and having directed a neuropsychiatry consulting program at a rehabilitation center specializing in traumatic brain injury patients.

Dr. Kehr has also evaluated and treated many patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has written extensively about this condition in his blog, and in his book, Becoming Whole, where he devoted two chapters to this condition.

Dr. Kehr is an accomplished author whose works have been read by over 800,000 people in 206 countries. In 2020, his blog was ranked #2 in the nation among the top 50 mental health-related blogs. His extensive writings highlight his passion for helping patients with anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, life adjustment issues, and bipolar disorder. He will do “whatever it takes” to help someone ease emotional pain, recover their health, and improve their relationships with others, utilizing Personalized Precision Psychiatry. Many of his new patients have not responded well to prior treatment efforts, and Dr. Kehr systematically evaluates them using innovative new tests related to psychiatric genomics, the microbiome and leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, and vitamin and other nutritional deficiencies. He also treats adolescents and adults with psychotherapy. Many of his clients are attorneys, physicians, and business leaders. Through his collective expertise and experience in business and psychiatry, he specializes in helping top business executives lead more balanced, symptom-free lives. He is also a co-author of Enduring Alzheimer’s: Practical Tips for Caring for Your Loved One and Yourself; and the mini-book Ease Emotional Pain: 9 Steps to Build Yourself a Healthier Brain.

Dr. Kehr also serves on the Board of the Institute on Aging of the University of Pennsylvania, where he served as Chairman from 2006 to 2009; and was selected as one of the “100 Most Inspiring and Influential Leaders in the Life Sciences Industry,” by the readers and editors of PharmaVOICE in 2007.

Dr. Kehr received training at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and Tufts New England Medical Center Department of Psychiatry, where he was Chief Resident. Dr. Kehr is also the inventor of sixteen issued patents in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada, in the field of medication adherence software, hardware and communications technologies. View complete curriculum vitae for Dr. Bruce Kehr.


Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:
Personal Injury

  • Assessment of traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome
  • Assessment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Emotional injury/damages
  • Recommendation of treatment needs and prognosis