Our Office Staff

Our goal is to make each of your experiences with Potomac Psychiatry positive, productive and professional. When you visit, call, or message us, you become our number one priority. Contact us to discuss your needs, and if you decide to move ahead we will facilitate scheduling your first appointment. Our office staff is at your service, and look forward to providing you the best care possible.

Terry Vinston Headshit Fall 2021

Terry D. Vinston, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for Potomac Psychiatry, Terry is responsible for continuously improving a number of aspects of patient care to improve levels of patient satisfaction, and for creating and implementing traditional and Web-based marketing initiatives. Terry also oversees all of the daily operations for the practice and aspires to keep company morale at its highest possible level. Terry works to enhance the relationship with outside referral sources and also maintains the practice’s online presence. Terry grew up in Potomac, MD and went on to attend The Pennsylvania State University where he received his undergraduate degree in Labor studies and Employment Relations while also completing minors in Business and Psychology. Terry enjoys developing new marketing concepts and operational procedures for Potomac Psychiatry to provide exceptional levels of patient satisfaction. In his free time, Terry enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.


Dana Schwartz, Office Manager & Forensic Specialist

Dana is passionate about working with patients to ensure they receive the best quality of care. Her understanding of HIPAA and experience in different medical settings allow her to serve patients with empathy and professionalism. In her time with the practice, Dana has moved into leadership roles in management and the forensic department, as well as collaborated on marketing and business initiatives. Dana has always considered herself to be a helper and enjoys going above and beyond to advocate for patients’ needs. Dana grew up in Montgomery County and enjoys being able to serve her community. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Family Science with a minor in Leadership Studies. She then went on to gain further experience pursuing post-graduate studies in mental health and employment in medical offices. In her free time, Dana enjoys traveling and spending time with her two dogs.


Ashley Henderson, Executive Assistant

Ashley is passionate about enhancing the patient experience. Her customer service expertise and outgoing personality combine to make her proficient and positive. Ashley has a strong desire to help others and her encouraging attitude is valued by our patients and all of her colleagues here at Potomac Psychiatry. She challenges herself to understand and effectively communicate all patient requests in order to improve patient care. Ashley is currently studying biology and life sciences at Montgomery College with plans to continue her career in the medical field after graduation. During her free time, Ashley enjoys yoga, studying Japanese, traveling, and drawing.


Emily Wang, Diagnostic and Assessment Specialist

Emily is dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care they deserve. Interested in both public health and direct medical care, she provides empathetic, caring support to patients and works efficiently in different health settings. Equipped with teaching experience, she strives to form lasting positive relationships with patients and educate them about diagnostic and assessment testing in an easily understandable way. Emily grew up in Rockville, MD and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. She joined the Peace Corps in Cambodia, where she worked on development projects in a rural village and taught high school English for 1.5 years. In her free time, Emily enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and creative writing.


Elizabeth Palomo Ponce, Patient Coordinator

Elizabeth is enthusiastic and passionate about helping others. She believes patience, understanding, and compassion are fundamental to establishing a long-lasting, professional relationship with patients. Elizabeth’s warm, upbeat personality and many years of customer service and organizational experience in a medical setting, aid in providing patients with clear and concise information, while treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve. She actively listens and understands the patients’ needs and concerns to provide the highest quality of patient care. Elizabeth grew up in Montgomery County, MD and is a graduate from Central Maryland School of Massage. She is Bilingual in English and Spanish and can provide effective communication without language barriers. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys cooking, painting, and spending time with her family.