Management and Organizational Consulting

Potomac Psychiatry provides psychiatrically-focused management and organizational consulting.

Whether your organization needs help working through global forces and/or structural changes that are demoralizing your work force, or you need to find ways to boost morale and support your managers due to other factors, Potomac Psychiatry’s management and institutional consulting can help your organization.

Bruce A. Kehr, M.D., has served as Founder and President of Potomac Psychiatry since 1981. He also has served on the Board of Directors of public and privately held companies, and founded a medical technology company, whose patented technology he invented.

Through his collective expertise and experience in business and psychiatry, he specializes in and has a passion for helping business leaders and managers address workplace challenges and crises. This may involve working with Senior Executives, Corporate Human Resources Professionals, and Legal Departments to develop a strategic and tactical plan to deal rapidly and effectively with the crisis.

Dr. Kehr is engaged in his own executive growth and development through Vistage International, where he receives training and coaching along with a group of CEOs, and on an individual basis, facilitated by an Executive Coach.

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