After a traumatic event has occurred, many individuals continue to feel its reverberating psychological impacts for days, weeks, months, and even years. While many are familiar with PTSD, this disorder is but one manifestation your anxiety may take in the wake of a significant event. If you are experiencing nightmares or a flood of emotion when you see or hear something that reminds you of your traumatic incident, you are likely suffering from what is known as post-trauma. This psychological state has subtle differences in intensity and duration than PTSD, and it is important to recognize the symptoms and differences in order to treat the significant emotional pain it can cause.

Post-trauma is the term used to describe an emotional response to a terrible event or repeating events such as an accident, violent act, physical abuse, sexual assault, war, or even a natural disaster. Symptoms can include flashbacks, negative mood, a heightened state of arousal or a feeling of being on edge when triggered by a memory of the event, avoidance of

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triggers associated with the event, and difficulties sleeping. If these symptoms sound similar to PTSD, it is because they are! A licensed psychiatrist can help you investigate your lived experience and assess how your own personal genome may be playing a role. For instance, certain genetic variants may make you more of an “orchid” than a “dandelion” and thus more sensitive to the impacts of trauma.

Genetic testing gives you and your doctor critical information to help you move past trauma through precision medicine and psychiatry suited uniquely to your needs.