Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling Services

At Potomac Psychiatry we provide marriage, couples and family counseling to enable more satisfaction and joy in these relationships. We use multiple models of marriage and family therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and take an active role in exploring and clarifying the causes of the problems and conflicts. We provide clear strategies and advice to help you solve the current problems in your life while equipping you to be able to solve similar problems in the future.

Potomac Psychiatry provides couples and family counseling and therapy for:

  • Couples Relationships
    • Emotion Management
    • Couples Satisfaction Issues
    • Infidelity
    • Communication Problems
    • Co-parenting Issues
    • Pre-marital Counseling
    • College Relationships
    • General Relationship Tune-ups
  • Family Relationships
    • Emotion Management & Coping
    • Communication Problems
    • Sibling Rivalry & Fighting
  • General Family Functioning Tune-ups Marital Separation and Divorce
    • Co-parenting Difficulties
    • Transition to Divorce
    • Remarriage & Stepfamily Issues
    • Expert Witness Testimony in Child Custody Conflicts
  • Parent-Child Relationships
    • Fighting
    • Communication Issues
    • Behavioral Problems
    • Parenting skills
  • Individual Behaviors that Impact Everyone in the Family:
    • Self-esteem
    • ADHD
    • Academic Performance
    • Anger Management
    • Depression
  • Age-Appropriate Individual and Family Therapy: Due to their developmental stage, rather than responding to traditional adult talk therapy, children and adolescents are better able to respond to age appropriate individual and family therapy services.
    • For young children, “play therapy” can often address the following issues:
      • Emotion Expression Issues
      • Classroom Behavioral Issues
      • ADHD
      • Self-esteem Issues
      • Attachment Issues
      • Issues of Grief and Trauma
    • For teens and adolescents, therapy that meets them at their level, and develops a treatment plan that is collaborative, which tends to have the best outcomes.
  • In addition to providing couples and family therapy on the above issues, Potomac Psychiatry is passionate about helping couples and families who struggle with body weight issues, weight loss and management, extreme body weight (i.e. obesity), and overall healthy living.

Potomac Psychiatry offers caring, effective, and actively engaging doctors and therapists who share a passion for their work, and love helping clients achieve richer lives. Potomac Psychiatry’s psychotherapists create a clear and collaborative treatment plan that is mutually agreed upon up front that moves you, your partner and/or family toward your goals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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