Behavior Problems

Does your child exhibit one or more of the following behaviors?

  • Not listening at school or home
  • Agitated, Aggressive or Defiant behavior
  • Excessive biting
  • Out of control
  • Temper tantrums
  • Acting violent/Harming themself or others
  • Vandalism
  • Decline in academic performance
  • Difficulty in making or keeping a friend
  • Self-motivation appears to be difficult
As parents, watching your child grow and mature can bring great excitement. However, with growth comes change. Some children become defiant, aggressive, act out and exhibit other behavior problems. Sometimes it is hard to know when to seek help outside the family.
Potomac Psychiatry will help your child by emphasizing and promoting positive behavior, figuring out the sources and factors of the negative behavior and also assist your family in laying a foundation that can help your child thrive for years to come. We always involve parents with the treatment plan and work in collaboration with schools and pediatricians in order to implement the most effective outcome.
ADHD, Depression and Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents

Sometimes underlying conditions such as ADHD, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder can bring about or exacerbate behavior problems in your child. Our staff has expertise in diagnosing and treating these conditions and are here to help.


Bullying inside and outside of school has become a significant issue that impacts many children. Whether your child is the victim of bullying or the bully, Potomac Psychiatry can help. Bullying can cause serious harm for your child extending into adulthood and intervention is very important.

Individuals who are bullied are more prone to depression, low-self esteem and other negative consequences. A child who is bullying other kids may in fact be acting out due to depression, feelings of anger, anxiety issues, or low self-esteem. They may not know how to deal with these issues positively and proactively. At Potomac Psychiatry, we can help. We will meet your child where he or she is, assess what is happening, and develop a plan to help.

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