Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Friends and family may be among the first to recognize the signs of substance abuse. Early recognition increases chances for successful treatment. Signs to watch for.

For alcohol in particular, health consequences can occur when one is drinking over the recommended limits:

  • If you are a man and are having more than 4 drinks per day and 14 drinks per week
  • If you are a woman and are having more than 3 drinks per day for 7 days per week
  • You may have a substance abuse problem.

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Many people do not seek treatment because they feel they do not have a problem. “Problems”, however, can happen even when one is not dependent. Another reason why people do not seek treatment is because of the fear of stigma. Addiction, however, shares the same genetic, biologic, and behavioral characteristics as other chronic diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension) and IS a medical disease. Anyone can be vulnerable to alcohol and drugs abuse, across all socio-economic strata, gender, and age groups. Individuals who have a family member with addiction and/or have a mental illness are particularly at risk. Drugs “highjack” the brain and once exposed, it is very hard for someone to stop using without help.

Meet Dr. John Carr

John_Carr_M.D._120John Carr, M.D. has extensive training and experience in treating alcohol and substance abuse disorders, and is Board Certified in Addiction Psychiatry. He is also a Suboxone Certified Prescribing Doctor. As a specialist in this field he has held a variety of senior leadership positions in our area, including Associate Medical Director/Staff Addiction Psychiatrist at Kolmac Clinic, and Medical Director of Behavioral Health Services at the Washington Adventist Hospital.

He feels most passionate being a part of a collaborative process in which his patients feel more successful and become more successful, meeting the challenges of life on their terms in a positive and productive manner.

Dr. Carr uses a biopsychosocial treatment approach in the evaluation and treatment of substance abuse disorders and related comorbid conditions; discovering and exploring the biological, psychological and social/environmental factors that have caused emotional distress; to formulate an accurate diagnosis and generate a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual patient. He employs a number of psychotherapeutic techniques including Motivational Interviewing and CBT for treating addictions. He also has extensive experience with psychopharmacologic approaches to treating alcohol and substance abuse.

John served our country with distinction in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm as a Battalion Surgeon in the Second Battalion Fourth Marines, where he received the following awards: National Defense Medal, South West Asia Medal, Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Fleet Marine Force Ribbon, and Combat Action Ribbon.

He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, and completed his psychiatry residency at the University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt training program, and he completed his fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry at the University of Maryland. He is Board Certified in both Psychiatry & Neurology as well as Addiction Psychiatry. (View complete curriculum vitae for John Carr, M.D.)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information and Links for Further Reading

What are the Health and Human Consequences of Substance Abuse? 

We can help! The good news is that treatment exists and can be highly effective. Treatment usually takes the form of a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Group therapy and support is also a very effective tool. At Potomac Psychiatry, we offer evidence-based treatment combining medical management and therapy.

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