National Second Opinion Program for Healthcare Professionals

Can your psychiatric patients relate to any of the following?

  • They want a personalized, precise approach to help them feel better
  • They have not fully recovered
  • Their current treatment is not working as well as they had hoped
  • They are not responding that well to medication
  • They feel like giving up

Imagine you could…

  • Be provided a precise treatment roadmap for them based upon cutting-edge science
  • Partner with a psychiatrist who will do whatever it takes to help them achieve a full recovery
  • Have their current treatment optimized to achieve better results
  • Have them be prescribed medication, supplements and lifestyle modifications tailored to their personal genetic makeup
  • Create hopefulness in them that by working together, you and we will provide answers and solutions

You don’t have to imagine it.

Discover how we use Personalized Precision Psychiatry to provide second opinions to you and your patients, and offer ongoing collaboration that will enable a healing journey that is evidence-based and uniquely theirs.

Please call (301) 984-9791 to contact us and learn more about our second opinion services

Our Second Opinion Consultation provides the following benefits:

  • Genetic testing using Genomind’s Professional PGx and/or Mental Health Map Assays – we have over 7 years’ experience, and have tested over 1400 patients
  • Comprehensive psychiatric history
  • Additional laboratory tests
  • Follow-up session to present our findings to you and your patient
  • A written report with our findings and treatment recommendations

Additional options include: