Adolescent & Child Psychiatry

Do you sometimes feel that you no longer understand or know your child the way that you used to? Do you feel that you are losing or have lost your connection with them? Are you worried or anxious about some of their behaviors? If you have observed one or more of the following behaviors in your child, then he or she may benefit from seeking therapy at Potomac Psychiatry:

  • Continuous feeling of loneliness or sadness
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Family conflict
  • Defiant, Aggressive, or Addictive Behavior
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Problems with Schoolwork
  • Change in sleep or eating patterns
  • Reduced ability to function during events and activities
  • Difficulty getting/staying motivated

Childhood and adolescence are key stages of development. Individuals experience a wide variety of biological, emotional, social, familial and cognitive changes during these formative years. These changes sometimes manifest in rough patches – some longer than others. Sometimes these rough patches can resolve on their own but sometimes additional support is needed for optimal navigation.

Potomac Psychiatry can help ease these stages through psychiatric support and/or through cognitive behavioral individual or family therapy. Potomac Psychiatry can help parents and children handle these rough patches confidently; learn new skills/ insights to manage future issues effectively; gain support and age-appropriate interventions/strategies for issues outside of one’s control (through medication/behavior management); engage guidance counselors/teachers, as needed, for a full understanding of the concerns; and consistently provide high levels of communication and coordination of child psychiatric and therapeutic care.

Our caring child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychotherapists provide effective, collaborative psychotherapy treatments for solving a wide range of issues and disorders in adolescents and children.

Potomac Psychiatry provides specialized adolescent and child psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services for:

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