I can’t say enough about our experience at Potomac Psychiatry. I would like to focus on two things specifically. First, the level of care is extraordinary, inspired, deeply personal, and worth every penny. Dr. Kehr’s brilliance and success in treating patients are well known, but also he is so very kind. That quality is exemplified throughout the office. It’s an important distinction, often overlooked when choosing a medical practice. Second, we were actually relieved to find that we could pay via credit card as with other emergency service models like poison control and urgent veterinary care. We needed immediate action and were able to begin treatment with no 800 numbers to call, no permissions to get in advance, and were able to file our own claims on our own time afterward. It was what we needed and it totally worked.

If you are looking for competence and courtesy, you can find any number of doctors up to those average standards. But if you are looking for consistently exceptional treatment in a practice proven over decades, Dr. Kehr is your best bet. I was reluctant to share this information at first because I didn’t want to limit the number of available appointments if even more people start calling, but my New Year’s resolution is to pay it forward whenever possible. You’re welcome.

- P K.

Absolutely amazing place, everyone from the receptionists to the doctors, really shows care and they are also professional. My doctor, Dr. Guillermo Portillo is awesome, caring, empathetic, sensitive to my needs, and I feel like he practically reads my mind sometimes. I truly feel heard, validated and respected for who I am as a person and not just based on my diagnosis. I feel like he basically saved my life during the semester in 2014 when I was in nursing school. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown and I was so desperate to find a place that would accept me on short notice, I called over 20 practices and either they didn’t answer, weren’t taking patients or weren’t taking patients for a certain amount of time. I called them in the morning and they called back immediately and I was able to book an appointment the next week, as a brand new patient. They were the answer to my prayers. Now, almost two years later, in 2016, I am still seeing Dr. Portillo, and he and I have made great progress together. He is basically my lifeline and I don’t know what I would do without him and Potomac Psychiatry. I have never had a bad experience here with anyone there in the entire time I have been going to this practice. We were able to find the right medication for me in a very short amount of time (especially compared to any other psychiatric practices, which would have taken months to over a year, and we did it in less than half the time) because of this gene test they can do. They are just one of the psychiatric practices in the DC/MD/VA area period. I am so serious. So if you are seeking psychiatric help, this is the place to go. I love them so much.🙂

- Charis K.

I visited Dr. Kehr for the first time when I was just 15, nearly 15 years ago when I struggled with depression and eating disorders. He diagnosed me quickly and got me on the prescriptions that helped me to overcome my problems and eventually seek even deeper in-patient treatment. I now live overseas but Dr. Kehr is always happy to check in when I am in the DC area and I appreciate knowing I can always count on a quick check-in as needed. I definitely recommend his services.

- Kathyrn B.

I have been meeting with Dr. Portillo over the past year and he is the first Psychiatrist that has really challenged me. This challenge has allowed me to learn and understand more about myself and my emotions then I had thought possible before. I have also had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Kehr and was very impressed with his passion to help. The front staff is very inviting and professional. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a psychiatrist for the first time or not happy with their current level of care somewhere else.

- Michael C.

I am very thankful to Dr. Kehr and the folks at Potomac Psychiatry. I have had several daughters sporadically go to his practice over the years with very beneficial results. They are all off and doing well. When I was discussing some of my habits with them this past summer, they suggested I go see Dr. Kehr which I did. I was diagnosed with ADHD which I always new I must have had since I multitask constantly. Now that we are swiftly approaching 2016, I just wanted to publicly thank this practice for their caring expertise and professionalism during this year and continuing that trend into 2016.

- Steve B.

When first arriving at Potomac Psychiatry the staff greets you in a very professional and warm manner. It is a very short wait before you are called back by your doctor. Both the doctors and staff are efficient and make you feel very comfortable!

- Patrice V.

I am a physician, a neurologist who specializes in treating patients with epilepsy. Many patients with epilepsy also have psychiatric diseases. I have referred a number of patients to Dr. Kehr for care of their psychiatric problems. They have all received outstanding care. Dr. Kehr listens carefully to the problems, evaluates the person as a whole, including their personal and social lives of as well as the biological components of their disease. He includes evaluation of possible roles of immune, dietary and infectious factors in the patient’s psychiatric disease He then puts all information together to create a holistic approach to the patient’s disease and treatment. He is meticulously attentive to detail. He is deeply caring. I greatly appreciate his help with my patients.

- Pavel K.