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Initial Consultations or Second Opinions through “DNA Psychiatry”

If you are being treated for depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder but your symptoms have not improved or have only partially improved, you may be experiencing “treatment resistance.”

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • I have not fully recovered
  • My current treatment is not working as well as I had hoped
  • I am not responding that well to medication
  • My symptoms get better but keep coming back
  • I feel stuck where I am and want to improve further
  • I feel like giving up on my therapy

If one or more of these statements describe how you are feeling, we will do “Whatever it Takes” to help you to:

  • Feel Well
  • Recover Your Health
  • Determine Your Destiny

Our Initial Consultation or Second Opinion Consultation provide the following benefits:

  • Genetic testing using Genomind’s Genecept and/or Mindful DNA Assays
  • Comprehensive psychiatric history
  • Additional laboratory tests
  • Follow-up session to present our findings to you and (if desired) your family members

Additional options include:

  • A written report with our findings and treatment recommendations
  • Testing for food sensitivities, including gluten sensitivity
  • Psychological testing for ADHD, cognitive functioning, and personality attributes
  • Comprehensive prior medical record review
  • Coordination with your existing medical specialists
  • If indicated, referral to other specialists to evaluate your microbiome, nutritional status, functional gut problems, neurologic issues, hormone imbalance, and any other potential contributors that interfere with your full recovery.