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    Ask me questions, so I can begin to help you
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    Potomac Psychiatry is proud to introduce Dr. Bruce,
    Your Healing Companion, Powered by AI 

    Choose the right healthcare professional for you. That's why we offer award-winning clinicians.

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    Treating the whole person—not just the symptoms

    At Potomac Psychiatry, we never settle for “good enough.” For more than four decades, our award-winning practice has helped thousands of patients ranging from 18 months to 100 years old—and through continuous innovation, we bring you the latest scientific advances to help you feel well and recover your health. We are driven to build you a brighter future.

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    We do whatever it takes to help you feel better, faster

    When it comes to treating your mental health and emotional well-being, we know trial and error just won’t cut it. That’s why we dive deep, doing whatever it takes to uncover and treat the root causes behind your distress.

    Our precise, whole-person approach and commitment to continuous innovation have earned us countless accolades, numerous positive reviews, and, best of all, thousands of success stories from patients who we’ve helped become whole.


    Genetic testing

    Advanced genetic testing allows us to assess how DNA plays a role in your mental health and tailor a treatment plan to your unique genetic blueprint.


    Blood Screening Tests

    Comprehensive blood screening tests through LabCorp or Quest unlock insights into your body’s metabolism, inflammation levels, and other medical causes.


    Gut Microbiome

    Using a simple stool test, we search for harmful pathogens, leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, maldigestion, and insufficient production of essential molecules.


    Brain Cellular Health

    We analyze mitochondrial energy production, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that play a key role in your brain cellular health and cognitive functioning.


    Immune System

    Through simple testing, we uncover sources of chronic inflammation or autoimmunity that can contribute to debilitating brain inflammation.


    Talk Therapy

    We treat you as a whole person, which includes our psychiatrists providing talk therapy for childhood or adult trauma, life-stage challenges, grief and loss, and many other psychiatric conditions.

    What is Root Cause Psychiatry™ ?

    Learn about a unique approach to treating chronic emotional pain through root cause psychiatry. This method involves understanding our complex mental health ecosystem, which includes factors like DNA, the gut microbiome, nutrition, the immune system, and past experiences, through the use of advanced scientific tools to identify these root causes and create a personalized recovery plan. Our "Precision Psychiatry" approach has won numerous regional and national awards.

    Root Cause Analysis for our Mental Health Ecosystem

    Cutting Edge Mental Health Thought Leadership

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    A unique, award-winning psychiatry practice with the experience to back it up

    40 +

    of continuous practice

    3000 + patients

    helped with genetic testing

    $ 1975 average cost

    for patients during their first year

    and counting...

    regional and national awards

    Your personalized roadmap to healing is just a phone call away.

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    Your Healing Companion, Powered by AI

    Ask me questions Ask me questions, so I can begin to help you
    Talk with Dr. Bruce