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    Immunologic and Infectious Disease Testing

    If You Think You May be a COVID Long-Hauler Let’s Uncover the Root Causes


    As we discussed in our blog about the root causes of Long-COVID, a principal underlying problem in many patients with Long-COVID is an immune system that is not functioning properly. Sometimes this immune system dysregulation also results in a reactivation of microbes that have caused prior infections such as Lyme spirochetes, Epstein Barr Virus, Herpes viruses, and others. Another blog discussed how Infectious diseases are known to cause some psychiatric illnesses

    To determine what is wrong with the immune system, one or more of the following immunologic tests and/or infectious disease screening tests will be ordered by our physicians for patients treated in our Long-COVID treatment program. Specific tests are selected based upon the patient’s personal history, family history, and presenting symptoms.

    Depending upon the results of the test, we may refer the patient out to prominent immunology, infectious disease, or neurology practices for further evaluation and treatment. We collaborate with our colleagues in these fields to combine their therapies with the psychiatric medications that we prescribe. These outside practices may prescribe medications such as immune-modulating therapies like IVIG or Rituximab, antibiotic or antiviral medications, or other possible medications that target the patient’s immune system problems such as maraviroc, pravastatin, plasma exchange, and others.

    Immunologic Tests Help Uncover Causes of Brain Fog, Depression, Fatigue and Anxiety

    Vibrant America/ Vibrant Wellness Gut Zoomer ● Purpose: A unique opportunity to take a close look at the microbial world that exists in our gut, as 70% of our body’s immune system resides in the gut, and 75% of the cells in the intestinal tract function as immune system cells. The gut can be a source of chronic inflammation, and also the gut microbiome actively programs various immune system functions. To learn more about this test, please visit here.

    IncellKine via IncellDX ● Purpose: IncellDx has developed a test for molecules that promote inflammation, such as cytokines, and chemokines that attract white blood cells into brain tissue. Using clinical research results combined with artificial intelligence, they provide our treating doctors a written consultation report with findings and treatment recommendations, and also offer a telehealth visit with one of their doctors for a live discussion of findings and recommendations. To learn more, please click here.

    Cunningham Panel via Moleculera Labs ● Purpose: This panel consists of a series of high complexity blood tests that assist clinicians in diagnosing infection-triggered autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndromes that create antibodies that directly attack brain tissue. ○ To learn more about the panel, please click here.

    KBMO FIT 176 ● This test analyzes your sensitivity and immune system response to 176 different foods, coloring, and additives, identifying dietary sources of systemic and brain inflammation that cause chronic emotional distress. Please review the KBMO webpage for more information.

    Infectious Disease Testing Uncovers Causes of Long-Hauler Pandemic Fog and Chronic Fatigue

    Vibrant America/ Vibrant Wellness Tickborne 2.0 ● Purpose: A test for detection of tickborne diseases, where some of the microorganisms that cause the disease can hide out in the body and be reactivated later when our immune system has been weakened, for example by COVID. To learn more about this test, please click here

    Quest or LabCorp blood studies ● Purpose: We can screen for a number of different infectious diseases that may have been reactivated including Epstein Barr Virus (mononucleoisis), Herpes Viruses, Strep, and others.

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