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    Microtraumas and Mental Health: Disrupting the Sense of Self at the Biological Roots of Your Emotional Well Being

    Reader, when you look back on your life, what comes to mind? If you’re lucky, perhaps your mind’s eye mulls over the happy memories that make you you. Or, perhaps the act looking back is simply too painful: when you try, you’re met not with feelings of love or joy, but of strangeness, anger, or emotional angst.

    We psychiatrists refer to past moments of significant pain as traumas. More specifically, these moments--which may comprise physical or sexual abuse as well as other harms--are called “macrotraumas”. They disrupt our very sense of self, causing unremitting suffering permeating deep into your heart and soul.

    Macrotraumas fracture our sense of a healthy Feeling Self. A multitude of other environmental factors can also lead to a fracturing of our Biological Self, at the level of our very DNA. These microscopic fractures are known as “microtraumas”--and they can lead to numerous negative outcomes to both our physical and mental health.

    Luckily, there’s something you can do about it.


    DNA’s Blueprint, Root Cause Psychiatry, and the Genetics of Trauma

    The ability of your Self to survive and thrive depends on a kind of self-sustainability inside the 30 trillion cells and 100 trillion microbes that create and maintain your body as a life form. DNA, RNA, enzymes, and other biomolecules co-create an equilibrium that keeps chaos, and even death itself, at bay.

    One might call this our biological blueprint, and the root cause of many of the mental and physical health outcomes we experience throughout our lives. If our DNA and other factors are healthy, such processes interact to create a beautiful “cellular symphony”. If our DNA is not healthy, a series of biological misfirings can occur, resulting in depression, ADHD, brain inflammation, and more--including early aging.


    DNA, Trauma, and Your Biological Age

    Whether your blueprint results in the building and rebuilding of a structurally sound body and mind, or the crumbling of your health’s very foundations, depends in large part on a process called methylation. Methylation is your body’s process of turning certain gene variants “on” or “off”.

    By modifying the functionality of certain genes, methylation can stabilize or destabilize our health in the long term, and can drive up our biological age--the age our biological processes would suggest we are--far higher than our chronological age.

    There are many environmental factors that can damage our methylation pattern--including microtraumas and other stresses we may have suffered previously. The good news is this pattern can also be positively altered by dietary and lifestyle factors that can reverse negative outcomes like biological aging and point us back towards youth, producing greater energy, muscle strength, and improved brain function.

    Some of these factors include eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising more, and reducing screen leisure time. Genetic tests like IntellxxDNA can help you pinpoint other factors that can help you reduce the levels of microtrauma in your body.


    Overcome Your Genetic Trauma

    Reader, if conjuring memories of the past is anything but pleasant for you, we are here to help. By taking a look at the biological root causes of your suffering self, we can help you on the path towards overcoming both the microscopic traumas in your body as well as the larger traumas in your mind. You deserve a brighter future--and we can help you get there.




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