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    DNA… Nurture Your Nature – Session Five

    Become a “Brainiac”—Build Yourself a Healthier Brain

    Reader, welcome to the end of the beginning—the finale of the “introduction” phase of DNA… Nature Your Nurture, that is! These five introductory blogs were written with one goal in mind: to give you a rich, complex, background understanding of one of the most innovative biomedical tools  to help you feel better—both physically and mentally—and increase your healthspan. The tool is Mindful DNA, and through a simple cheek swab it delivers you a precise read-out of 32 genes that—if you don’t nurture them with care—can make for a broken health destiny. But the tool itself only gets you halfway: what you do with the information you receive is what matters. And reader, I want to tell you: what you do begins with a full-fledged dismantling of preconceived notions about what’s possible in terms of your own human limitations. So many of us grow up believing that when it comes to our health, we can only change so much—the rest is left up to fate. Others of us grow up hanging tight to “fate” itself, a fatalistic mindset which too often leads us down a road of passive acceptance of the outcomes that befall us. In this final introductory blog, I want to set things straight: you not only have the power to alter your fate—you can create a “resilient aging” game plan and preserve and protect the health of your brain. How? Because I am committed to doing whatever it takes for my patients and my readers to feel well, this week I’m giving away my downloadable mini-book, Ease Emotional Pain: 9 Steps To Build Yourself a Healthier Brain, that will help you improve your brainpower, and become the best “Brainiac” you can be! Within it, you’ll find a step-by-step guide, including a “Heal Your Brain” checklist, countless helpful links, and easy-to-follow instructions to utilize right now. I hope you enjoy this reading, and put it to good use.


    Download My Free Mini-Book

    Ease Emotional Pain: 9 Steps To Build Yourself a Healthier Brain

    Download My Free Mini-Book


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