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    DNA Psychiatry – Frontier Science or Fringe Science?

    Dear Reader, we have now completed our two series DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? and DNA: Nurture Your Nature, and I hope that you found them interesting and enlightening. Beginning next week, I will bring you a brand new series entitled, Second Opinion. This series will be devoted to you, your loved ones, or anyone you care about who is being treated for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, or other emotional condition and is still not feeling better. Perhaps they have not fully recovered, or their current treatment is not working as well as they had hoped, or they are not responding that well to medication, or they feel like giving up on therapy. Second Opinion will encompass everything we have covered so far in our two series by exploring real-life applications of DNA Psychiatry. It will bring you stories of patients (disguised to preserve confidentiality) who came to our practice suffering from unremitting emotional distress, and who benefitted from breakthrough treatments determined by their personal genotype. In preparation for this series, I would encourage you to read “The Story of Sandra*” (particularly Part 3), which illustrates how genetic testing under the biopsychosocial model helped her recover. Until next time… thank you for your continued interest.

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