20 Sep

DNA: Nurture Your Nature… Session Fourteen

Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole –Does DNA Create Determinism, Free Will, or Both?

Dear Reader. Here is a profound question that has challenged humankind for thousands of years: Is the future already determined, or do we have free will? The laws of Classical Physics, pioneered by Sir Isaac Newton, are deterministic, whereby free will is simply an illusion. But what about the world of Quantum Mechanics, and the laws that govern this quirky subatomic world? Is there room for free will here? And which laws of physics govern how Your DNA operates inside the trillions of cells in your body? Recently, I addressed these questions at the Women’s Health & Wellness Summit, and illustrated how they could be answered to prevent dementia, and reduce the effects of stress and inflammation in our bodies. Are you curious to learn more? If so, please click the “Play” button to view the video of my presentation.



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