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    Meet our Clinicians & Staff

    At Potomac Psychiatry,
    we truly listen.

    Choosing the right person to help you with your mental health is no small decision. So what makes us different?

    The answer is simple: we truly listen. We take you and your concerns seriously, and we treat you with dignity and respect. We reflect deeply on what you share with us—and take the time to offer guidance, understanding, a listening ear… and a path toward healing. But our compassionate service doesn’t end when your session ends; our office staff is equally dedicated to making sure you feel heard and understood, whether you’re scheduling an appointment or have questions about your care.

    Put simply, at Potomac Psychiatry, helping others brings us enormous joy.


    Our Clinicians


    Bruce A. Kehr, M.D.

    Root Cause Psychiatry; Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy

    The Founder of Potomac Psychiatry, Dr. Bruce Kehr is a best-selling author, widely-read blogger, and respected thought leader. He is driven to uncover and treat the root causes of his patients' deepest emotional problems.



    Barbara E. Kehr, MSW

    Life Coach

    Barbara specializes in life coaching for women. She also advises individuals and couples faced with career and family challenges.



    Guillermo Portillo, M.D.

    Adult and Forensic Psychiatry

    Dr. Portillo works with patients to understand the biological, psychological, and social/environmental factors that have caused them emotional distress. He treats both English and Spanish-speaking patients and is the medical director of our Forensic Psychiatry group.



    Walker Lyerly, IV, M.D.

    Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry

    Dr. Lyerly is a gifted psychopharmacologist and psychotherapist. He blends these skills to help both child and adult patients manage a wide range of symptoms and concerns.



    John Carr, M.D.

    Adult and Addiction Psychiatry

    Dr. Carr is board-certified in both general psychiatry and in the subspecialty of addiction psychiatry. He has extensive experience working with patients from a wide variety of backgrounds.



    Marlena M. Wu, Psy.D.

    Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessments, ADA Accommodations

    Dr. Wu is a warm, caring, and empathetic clinical psychologist who approaches each patient with compassion and engages in talk therapy attuned to each individual’s needs.



    Paulo J. Negro, M.D., Ph.D.

    Addiction Psychiatry and EMDR

    Dr. Negro is respected by both colleagues and patients alike for his keen diagnostic skills and open mind. He specializes in addiction treatment and trauma therapy, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).


    Julie Wendt-1

    Julie Wendt, MS, LN, CNS

    Licensed Clinical Nutritionist; Certified RECODE and Gut Healing Specialist; Root Cause Psychiatry

    Julie is a highly gifted and empathetic nutritionist who takes a thoughtful, sophisticated approach to helping patients move toward optimal cellular, gut, and brain health. She is the lead author of the book Integrative Geriatric Nutrition: A Practitioner’s Guide to Dietary Approaches for Older Adults.


    Circle - Margery Johnson 2023

    Margery Johnson, M.D.

    Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Psychiatry

    Dr. Johnson is a child, adolescent, and young adult psychiatrist passionate about working with her patients and their parents to help them achieve their fullest potential.


    Chuck Ng, Do Circle

    Chuck M. Ng, D.O.

    Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Chuck M. Ng, D.O. is a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician who cares for children with special needs. He has been trained to identify and treat a child’s academic, social, medical, and psychological needs.


    Circle Headshot_Dr. Shanda Priest

    Shanda B. Priest, M.D.

    Adult Psychiatry; Root Cause Psychiatry  

    Dr. Priest is a warm and caring adult psychiatrist who specializes in women’s and young adult mental health treatment.


    Our Administrative Team

    Terry Vinston Headshot

    Terry Vinston

    Chief Operating Officer

    Terry works to continuously improve a number of aspects of patient care and levels of patient satisfaction. He oversees daily operations and aspires to keep company morale at its highest possible level. Terry works to enhance the relationships with outside referral sources and also maintains the practice’s online presence.

    dana headshot

    Dana Schwartz

    Director of Programs and Services

    Dana is passionate about ensuring patients receive the best quality of care. She coordinates Potomac Psychiatry's programs and services and works closely with administrative and clinical staff. She serves patients and clients with empathy and professionalism.

    Dominic Fabrizio Circle Fall Headshot

    Dominic Fabrizio

    Director of Patient Experience

    Dominic is dedicated to ensuring the ultimate experience for both current and prospective patients at Potomac Psychiatry. He leads our marketing and sales efforts with a strong determination to effectively communicate Potomac Psychiatry's mission to our valued clients, patients, and colleagues.

    Mae Grahs - Circle

    Mae Grahs

    Patient Experience Representative

    Mae feels strongly about delivering high quality, patient-centered care. She works to ensure all patients are met with respect, empathy, and compassion, and she enjoys helping patients weigh their options as they navigate their journey toward receiving care.

    Ashley Henderson Headshot

    Ashley Henderson

    Patient Experience Representative

    Ashley has a strong desire to help others and her encouraging attitude is valued by our patients and all of her colleagues here at Potomac. She challenges herself to understand and effectively communicate all patient requests in order to improve patient care.

    Erin Lauer headshot

    Erin Lauer

    Patient Experience Representative

    Erin is dedicated to providing patients with high-quality, attentive customer service. She treats every patient with care, compassion, and positivity. She finds it rewarding to be a part of the Potomac Psychiatry team and help people receive the care they need.

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