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Helping others brings us enormous joy.

Since 1982, Potomac Psychiatry has provided highly personalized and responsive psychiatric care to all age groups. Our comprehensive, thoughtful, and sophisticated approach to understanding and solving emotional problems can help you and your loved ones.

Our award-winning practice will evaluate and treat you as a Whole Person, and we will do Whatever It Takes to help you feel well, recover your health, improve your relationships with others, and determine your destiny. During these troubling times of pandemic anxiety, find comfort in knowing we can provide you all of our comprehensive psychiatric services remotely.

You may be in deep emotional pain, and fearful that you will never recover. Through genetic testing provided by a simple cheek swab, we can help you feel better faster, at a lower cost. Genetic testing can reduce the cost of treatment and and improve quality-of-life in patients with depression and other conditions. And in patients with mood or anxiety disorders, three months following the use of genetic testing information, 87% showed clinically measurable improvement; and for those patients with two or more prior treatment failures, 91% showed clinically measurable improvement. Patients also reported significant decreases in medication side effects.

As national experts in the use of genetic testing to restore mental health, we have performed DNA tests in over 2000 patients for the past eight years. Our genetic testing blogs have been read in 206 countries around the globe.

Concerned about the cost of treatment? We can provide a genetic testing consultation, or a second opinion; consultation that incorporates genetic testing, and furnish you a written treatment plan that could be carried out by an in-network psychiatrist – one who participates with your health insurance plan.

If you have suffered through a “trial-and-error approach” with prior psychiatric treatment, which has left you feeling frustrated or hopeless, we will use root cause analysis to meticulously identify and precisely treat the underlying causes of your emotional distress.

We serve clients from the Potomac River Basin (Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC), throughout the United States, and overseas.

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • I want a personalized, precise approach to help me feel better
  • I’ve never consulted with a psychiatrist before, and don’t know what to expect
  • I have not fully recovered and want to feel better as soon as possible
  • My current treatment is not working as well as I had hoped
  • I am not responding that well to medication
  • I feel like giving up

Imagine you could…

  • Be provided a precise treatment roadmap based upon cutting-edge science
  • Partner with a psychiatrist who will do whatever it takes to help you achieve a full recovery as soon as possible
  • Avoid a “trial and error” approach to prescription medications
  • Have your current treatment optimized to achieve better results
  • Be prescribed medication, supplements and lifestyle modifications tailored to your personal genetic makeup
  • Feel hopeful that your dedicated team of practitioners can and will provide answers and solutions

You don’t have to imagine it.

Discover Root Cause Psychiatry and begin a healing journey with us that is evidence-based and uniquely yours.

What to Expect

At Potomac Psychiatry, wherever possible you will be seen within 48 hours of your telephone call, so no anxious waiting for your first appointment. Our award-winning professionals look forward to helping you.Contact us to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment.

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