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    If you live at a distance we can help through the use of telepsychiatry. After your first visit on-site, we can follow you through secure video communication using your laptop, smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Please call us at 301.984.9791 to schedule your first consultation.

    What is Telepsychiatry?

    Telepsychiatry is the use of telecommunication and computer information technology to facilitate real-time videoconferencing between you and your psychiatrist. Telepsychiatry has been demonstrated to be as clinically effective as face-to-face counseling sessions, demonstrating similar or improved levels of patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

    Technology for Telepsychiatry

    • Telepsychiatry services are provided using videoconferencing technology that enables real-time interaction between you and your psychiatrist in two separate locations. The technology is HIPAA-compliant and all of your private information is protected.
    • All you need is a webcam, a computer and Internet. A browser-based video chat system that is coupled with a scheduling system and a light-weight medical records platform is used. The scheduling system can be used for booking appointments and exchanging any relevant clinical information.

    Benefits of Telepsychiatry

    • Increased convenience: You can receive specialized behavioral health treatment from the comfort of your home, without the hassle or cost of visiting the offices of your psychiatrist.
    • Quality of care: By allowing your psychiatrist to connect with you on a more routine basis, telepsychiatry offers greater continuity of care. This offers you Increased quality and a broader range of services while you are in the comfort of your home or office.
    • Access: This overcomes barriers to your receiving services from us such as geographic distance, transportation difficulties and time limitations.
    • Privacy: The technology platform we use is HIPAA-compliant, using 256-bit encryption (bank-level security).
    • Simplicity of use: The telepsychiatry platform is very easy to use. All you need is a webcam, a computer and Internet to log in and begin the psychiatry session with your doctor.

    Research on Telepsychiatry

    MAIN TAKEAWAY #1 Telepsychiatry is as effective as face-to-face psychiatric treatment.

    Randomized clinical trial of telepsychiatry through videoconference versus face-to-face conventional psychiatric treatment.

    De Las Cuevas C,Arredondo MT,Cabrera MF, Sulzenbacher H, Meise U
    Telemedicine Journal and e-Health; June, 2006

    The study evaluated the efficacy of telepsychiatry through videoconferencing in comparison to face-to-face conventional (F2FC) treatment. About 140 patients were randomly assigned to either F2FC treatment or videoconference telepsychiatry treatment. The study demonstrated that the videoconference telepsychiatry treatment was as effective as F2FC psychiatric treatment, and can be a significant channel for providing mental health services to psychiatric patients residing in underserved and rural communities with limited mental health resources.

    MAIN TAKEAWAY #2 Telepsychiatry is a significant channel for providing mental health services to underserved communities and populations with limited resources.

    Telepsychiatry: Videoconferencing in the Delivery
    Jay H. Shore, M.D., M.P.H.
    The American Journal of Psychiatry; March 2013

    The provision of psychiatric treatment via live interactive videoconferencing, frequently termed telepsychiatry, is a viable option for psychiatrists to provide care to individual patients, populations, and communities faced with limited access and to move the point of care delivery into patients’ living environments.

    MAIN TAKEAWAY #3 Telespsychiatry is effective for treating various populations, mental disorders and in different clinical settings.

    The Effectiveness of Telemental Health: A 2013 Review.
    Donald M. Hilty, Daphne C. Ferrer, Michelle Burke Parish, Barb Johnston, Edward J. Callahan, Peter M. Yellowlees
    Telemedicine Journal and e-Health; June 2013

    Literature review that demonstrated the efficacy of telemental health services for diagnosis and assessment, across a range of populations including adult, child, geriatric, and ethnic, and in disorders in many various settings including emergency and home health. The review also highlighted that telemental services are clinically equivalent to in-person care, and complement other services in primary care.

    MAIN TAKEAWAY #4 High patient endorsement for telepsychiatry.

    Child and Adolescent Telepsychiatry: Utilization And Satisfaction
    Kathleen M. Myers, M.D., M.P.H., Jeanette M. Valentine, Ph.D., and and Sanford M. Melzer, M.D.,M.B.A.
    Telemedicine Journal and e-Health; March 2008

    “Parents endorsed high satisfaction with their children’s telepsychiatric care, with an indication of increasing satisfaction upon return appointments… Telepsychiatry offered through a regional children’s hospital was well utilized and parents were highly satisfied with their children’s care. The stage is now set for integrating telepsychiatry into a system of care that meets youths’ overall needs…”

    MAIN TAKEAWAY #5 Increased patient satisfaction observed when using telespsychiatry.

    Rural Mental Health: Implications for Telepsychiatry in Clinical Service, Workforce Development, and Organizational Capacity
    Jane Chung-Do, Susana Helm, Michael Fukuda, Dan Alicata, Stephanie Nishimura, Iwalani Else
    Telemedicine Journal and e-Health; April 2012

    “Benefits of telepsychiatry include diagnostic accuracy and service satisfaction, which have been found to be comparable between in-person and telepsychiatry assessment. For example, patients speak freely when using telepsychiatry, are willing to use it again, and positively rate their experiences with providers. Patients also prefer telepsychiatry over waiting a longer period of time to see a specialist or traveling a significant distance for an appointment. Moreover, telepsychiatry can reduce absenteeism (work, school), enhance sense of patient choice and control, and spare patients from long, expensive, and life-disrupting journeys.”

    MAIN TAKEAWAY #6 Telepsychiatry is an effective mental healthcare service model for individuals who cannot access traditional mental health services

    Telemental Health: Responding to Mandates for Reform in Primary Healthcare
    Kathleen M. Myers, Daniel Lieberman
    Telemedicine and e-Health. June 2013

    “Telemental health (TMH) has established a niche as a feasible, acceptable, and effective service model to improve the mental healthcare and outcomes for individuals who cannot access traditional mental health services. TMH offers a spectrum of tools to unite primary care physicians and mental health specialist in a mind–body view of patients’ healthcare needs and to activate patients in their own care.”

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