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    February 1, 2024

    Update on Service Fee Adjustments

    Thank you for the honor of allowing us to participate in your care. We hope that your experience with us demonstrates our commitment to do “whatever it takes” to help you feel well, recover your health, and improve your relationships. Continuous innovation is a hallmark of our practice, and over the past few years we have conceived and implemented a number of new services and technologies to deliver cutting edge, award-winning care to our patients. Over the next few months, we will be implementing additional technologies. Here are some examples…

    • Launched multidisciplinary specialty programs staffed by award-winning specialists, including cutting-edge laboratory testing and dedicated program managers. These include Root Cause Psychiatry, Autism, ReCODE (Reverse Cognitive Decline), PreCODE (Prevent Cognitive Decline), and Long COVID.
    • Hired additional clinical and administrative support staff and provided specialized training to enable their expertise.
    • Trained our staff on new diagnostic tests to get at the “root causes” of psychiatric conditions, including autoimmune disease, infectious diseases, hormone imbalances, mitochondrial function, long-COVID, and other cutting-edge assays.
    • Launched a new website that creates a unique journey for each visitor, delivers personalized self-help resources, and answers questions quickly through automation and a robust knowledgebase.
    • We will be launching an AI-Powered Chatbot, customized for Potomac Psychiatry’s Patients, with whom you will be able to interactively converse to rapidly answer highly complex questions, to help you better understand your condition, and become a more knowledgeable partner as you collaborate with your clinician to feel well and recover your health.
    • We're excited to share that a new and enhanced electronic medical record system will soon be introduced. This upgrade is tailored to improve communication and streamline your experience throughout your patient journey with us.
    • Organized bi-monthly internal scientific presentations, called “Brain Science Breakthroughs,” where outside experts teach us the latest mental health discoveries, enabling us to rapidly implement them in caring for our patients.

    To support this continuous innovation to serve you better, and due to inflationary pressures over the past few years, our operating expenses have significantly increased. To help cover these costs, we will be increasing our doctors’ fees by an average of 9% effective March 1st. Our last fee increase was in 2021, and since that time inflation has gone up 16.9%. (A link to download the updated fee schedule can be found below)

    If this fee increase creates financial hardship for you, please discuss this with your clinician at your next visit, and we will see what we can work out to ease the financial burden.

    Once again, we appreciate your willingness to entrust us with your care and look forward to continuing our work with you into the future.

    Sincerely Yours,

    The Potomac Psychiatry Team

    You Can Download a Copy of this Letter and the Updated Fee Schedule Here



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