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    Julie Wendt, MS, LN, CNS

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    Julie Wendt, MS, LN, CNS: Illuminating Paths to Mental Wellness Through Functional Nutrition

    "Nurturing the body and mind with evidence-based, integrative nutrition to pave the way for optimal mental health."

    About Julie

    Julie Wendt, a profoundly empathetic and skilled nutritionist, possesses a nuanced approach to guiding patients towards their health goals. Grounded in functional nutrition principles, Julie offers personalized, evidence-based care that delves into medical history, laboratory analysis, and lifestyle modifications to optimize health outcomes. Her collaborative approach fosters a deep connection with her patients, facilitating integrative care tailored to address chronic mental health concerns.

    Expertise & Specializations

    Julie's expertise lies in understanding the intricate interplay between brain health and gut function. With a focus on addressing gut dysfunctions contributing to emotional and cognitive issues, she utilizes a variety of tools to assess foundational health factors such as gut health, inflammation, and cellular function. Julie employs therapeutic diets, fasting protocols, and mindfulness practices to address common concerns such as fatigue, insomnia, weight management, and cancer prevention/treatment, supporting holistic healing and well-being.

    As a ReCODE trained practitioner, Julie implements Dr. Bredesen’s program to tackle Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of cognitive decline, including mood and anxiety disorders. With nine years of clinical nutrition experience in the DC area and a teaching role at GW Medical School’s Integrative Nutrition program, Julie is dedicated to advancing the field of integrative nutrition and empowering individuals to reclaim their health.

    Education & Accomplishments

    Julie's journey in health began at Cornell University, where she studied Resource Economics, driven by a desire to understand the motivations behind people's choices and actions concerning their well-being and the planet. Inspired by her experiences during pregnancy and motherhood, Julie embarked on a path in integrative nutrition, combining her passion for food, healing, and helping others.

    Julie holds a B.S. in Resource Economics from Cornell University and a Masters of Science in Integrative Health and Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN) in Maryland, a Licensed Nutritionist (LN) in D.C., and a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS).

    Connect with Julie

    To embark on a journey towards mental wellness and optimal health through integrative nutrition, please contact us.

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