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    About Potomac Psychiatry

    At Potomac Psychiatry,
    our doctors don’t settle for
    “good enough.”

    Learn about a unique approach to treating chronic emotional pain through root cause psychiatry™. This method involves understanding our complex mental health ecosystem, which includes factors like DNA, the gut microbiome, nutrition, the immune system, and past experiences, through the use of advanced scientific tools to identify these root causes and create a personalized recovery plan. Our "Precision Psychiatry" approach has won numerous regional and national awards.

    Recovering what makes you you.

    Have you ever felt like giving up? Do you feel “broken”? Is your current mental health treatment not working as well as you’d hoped? Do you have doubts about whether your medication is really making a difference? Are you new to therapy and unsure of what to expect?

    If any of this sounds familiar, Potomac Psychiatry can help. For more than four decades, our award-winning practice has improved thousands of lives. Instead of taking a trial-and-error approach to your health, we offer you a personalized treatment roadmap to better emotional wellbeing based on your unique history, genetics, needs, and goals. Through Precision Psychiatry, we help you feel better, faster.

    By addressing the root causes of your distress, we help you become truly whole.

    The secret to our success is simple:
    We don’t treat the symptom.
    We treat the whole person.

    Treating you as a whole person—not just your symptoms

    Root Cause PsychiatryTM

    We evaluate your mental health ecosystem—from your cellular functioning to your gut microbiome—to restore your health.

    Genetic Testing

    Your genes impact your mental health. Thanks to advanced genetic testing, we can help you feel better, faster, at less cost.

    Nutritional Brain Health

    The body and mind are intimately related. Our experts make the most of this connection to restore your hope.


    Wellness doesn’t reside in the brain alone, but in your genes, body, and environment. Effective treatment addresses not just the mental, but also the physical and even spiritual components of your health. At our practice, Root Cause Psychiatry™, Genetic Testing, and Nutritional Brain Health each play a role in helping you feel your best.


    Exploring new frontiers in psychiatric care

    Our commitment to learning the latest scientific breakthroughs in our field includes virtual training every two weeks by leading clinician-scientists. Check out our psychiatry and mental health blog to find out how we are integrating these breakthroughs into our practice.

    We meet you wherever you are

    Our clinicians use telemedicine to meet with you wherever you are—and we are also licensed to practice in multiple states.

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