• Relationship Crisis and Romantic Turmoil

  • Relationship Crisis and Romantic Turmoil

    Whether you are feeling lonely, suffering from a recent breakup, experiencing a crisis with your boyfriend or spouse, or recovering from a divorce – the pain you are feeling right now can be overwhelming.

    How Would You Describe Your Romantic Situation?

    I Am Currently Single

    • And I’m Feeling Lonely
      • “I know what I want from a guy, but have never found it. I want true intimacy – including friendship, compassion, sexual satisfaction, and deep love. However, I’m starting to feel that this dream will never come true.”
    • Someone has Just Broken Up with Me
      • “My romantic interest decided to end the relationship. I feel flawed and that I’m not good enough. Should I have behaved differently? My partner and I seemed to get along great – both emotionally and physically. Now I feel empty, hurt, and hopeless.”
    • I Can’t Establish and Maintain Intimacy
      • “I have a fear of commitment. Truly intimate moments are difficult for me to establish. Do I repeatedly push my romantic partners away?”
    • When I Think I’ve Found a Great Guy, He Turns Out To Be a Huge Disappointment
      • “I feel trapped in a series of romantic disappointments. I have been involved in a series of hookups/relationships, but they never seem to work out. The guys I meet seem wonderful in the beginning – they are attractive, interesting, fun and exciting. Everything seems to be going great. Then, out of the blue, everything falls apart. A guy will begin to withdraw from me, his text messages and calls will become fewer and fewer, and sometimes he will just drop off the face of the earth. He makes me feel vulnerable, rejected, and not good enough. Is there something wrong with me? Why does this keep happening?”
    • I’m Pining Away For Someone, but Fear We Will Never Get Together
      • “I have tender feelings toward a man in my life, but he doesn’t seem to be interested/can send mixed signals. We seem perfect for each other, but I fear he will never love me. He doesn’t know how much I want to be with him. I often fantasize about us being together, and I crave his presence. What do I do?”

    Is There Any Treatment for The Romantic Turmoil I’m Experiencing?

    Psychotherapy can be very helpful in uncovering the unconscious causes of repetitive failed relationships, and the difficulties in establishing or maintaining intimacy. The patient reaches an understanding that puts into perspective the reasons for romantic disappointments and heartbreaks. This process enables one to let go of traumatic experiences, bringing with it a freedom to experience healthier adult love. What is learned in therapy will hopefully be applied time and again over the course of one’s lifetime.

    What Are The Benefits of Seeking Treatment?

    The therapeutic process can assist you in:

    • Moving into healthier and more satisfying relationships
    • Developing and maintaining an adult love relationship
    • Avoiding unnecessary pain in relationships
    • Addressing and resolving feelings of fear, dependency and vulnerability

    I Am Currently In A Committed Relationship

    • But Problems are Emerging
      • “My boyfriend and I still have fun together and are attracted to each other, yet I am starting to notice flaws in him and he is commenting on my flaws. At times he really lets me down and makes me feel angry. Is there any way to make our relationship better?”
    • I Feel Confused About My Relationship
      • “I have a wide range of feelings about my boyfriend. At times I feel love, affection, and sexual excitement toward him. At times I really enjoy being with him and can’t wait to see him. However, at other times I feel furious and want out. Sometimes I feel completely neutral and numb. Why do I feel so conflicted about this?”
    • My Relationship Is in a Crisis
      • “My once satisfying, mature love relationship has fallen into crisis. It is now characterized by persistent conflict. It’s as if we are on a rollercoaster – experiencing violent highs and lows that can’t be stopped. I don’t know what to do.” 
    • My Boyfriend Is Not Treating Me Well
      • “I feel like my boyfriend has all the power in this relationship. Does he still want to be with me? I’m starting to feel lonely and that I’m losing control. He can make me feel on top of the world, or can plunge me into the depths of despair. I really care about him – why is he hurting me, and how can I make it stop?” 

    Is There Any Treatment for The Romantic Turmoil I’m Experiencing?

    In television, movies, and books, consumers are frequently presented with an image of love that is passionate, blissful, and all-encompassing. Characters exhibit undying devotion and affection which sustains them through every hardship they encounter. This presents an idealized view of a love relationship, which may cause us to develop unrealistic expectations for the love relationships in our own lives. With psychotherapy, you can work to align your thoughts, feelings and expectations toward what is possible and real. You can become empowered to decide whether your partner’s traits are satisfying enough to continue on.

    What Are The Benefits of Seeking Treatment?

    • Achieve a relationship that will remain alive and vibrant
    • Feel safe and satisfied in your relationship
    • Have the ability to ensure that your emotional needs are met in a relationship
    • Develop the inner strength to break away and move on from a destructive relationship, even if it means bearing the feelings of loneliness, and living alone.
    • Restore a caring emotional connection and positive momentum with your partner

    I Am Currently Married

    • But My Marriage Feels Unstable
      • “My marriage is characterized by highs and lows – times of joy and times of despair. We can have tender, intimate moments, but then have periods fraught with conflict and emotional distance. What can I do to make things better?”
    • My Marriage Is in A Crisis
      • “I fear that my marriage may be over. My husband and I are stuck in a recurring cycle of disappointments, feeling wounded, being ignored, and feeling taken for granted. Can this marriage be saved?”
    • I Feel That Getting Married Was a Mistake
      • “I sometimes long to return to a simpler time – one where I had fewer responsibilities and more romance/freedom. I am having intense doubts about the choices I’ve made. Am I in an early mid-life crisis? How do I resolve this?”
    • We’ve Decided to Get a Divorce
      • “My husband and I cannot solve our chronic conflicts and strife. We are going to get a divorce, and I feel incredibly overwhelmed. Ending our relationship may be the best solution, but I feel completely out of control. My emotions fluctuate constantly – I can feel sad, lonely, guilty, shocked, relieved, and fearful all within the span of a day. The changes ahead seem scary and unimaginable.”

    Is There Any Treatment for The Romantic Turmoil I’m Experiencing?

    With marital therapy, you will have a safe and open environment to explore what happened to your previously satisfying relationship, determine where it went off track, and uncover the circumstances surrounding those events. Not uncommonly, there was a deep misunderstanding that developed, and mutual hurtful actions served to usher in a period characterized by a downward spiral in emotional relations. Once the initial causes are identified, talked through, and understood, forgiveness and empathy can begin to develop. Earlier passions, whether they are physical or experiential, can be rediscovered as a result of initial healing, which in turn can transform a downward spiral into a more hopeful situation for the future – enabling the development of new positive experiences together and upward momentum in the marriage.

    Should couples therapy fail to resolve differences, and the outcome is separation and divorce, we work with the couple to minimize the trauma to their children and themselves. Ideas and plans can be made so that each partner will be able to work with the other with a lesser degree of hostility, to more effectively manage such issues as finances, child custody, living arrangements, and other challenges which may arise from marital dissolution. 

    What Are The Benefits of Seeking Treatment?

    The therapeutic process can assist you in –

    • Learning how to implement new tools for a more effective emotional connection and problem resolution
    • Reducing the feelings of anger and hurt in your relationship
    • Breaking the negative cycle that threatens to destroy your marriage
    • Finding a tangible pathway toward improvement that can restore the prior feelings of satisfaction and an intimate bond
    • Having the best outcome possible for you/your children during this emotionally charged period of life
    • Assistance with formal child custody evaluations

    I Am Currently Divorced

    • And Am in Tremendous Pain
      • “I feel shocked about my divorce, and I don’t know how to move on from this. I remember the good times, but also feel tremendous rage and anger. Part of me feels that I have failed, that I should have done things differently. Will my feelings of anxiety and pain ever end?”
    • I Am Worried About My Children
      • “How will this divorce impact my children? What will the custody situation look like? I am unsure how to proceed.”

    Is There Any Treatment for The Romantic Turmoil I’m Experiencing?

    Therapy provides a safe and confidential environment where you can express your feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, resentment, or relief. A therapist will work with you to provide support and help you to achieve a new perspective, attain emotional stability, and plan for your future.

    What Are The Benefits of Seeking Treatment?

    • Learn new coping skills and strategies to prepare for the next stage in your life, and be comforted that you are not alone during this process.
    • Resolve chronic conflicts that perpetuate emotional pain and strife
    • Learn how to explain divorce to children, some of the normal reactions you can expect them to have, and how you can provide them the most emotional support possible
    • Relieve feelings of anxiety, depression or guilt

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