Why are your fees so high?

Reader, when you are in distress and seeking solutions, the Internet can feel like a cold, dark place sometimes, can’t it? I’m so glad you found yourself here, on our website—but I wonder what came before this moment. Perhaps you were recommended this website by a close friend, or saw this page on your social media accounts. Or, if you’re like many of the patients we see, perhaps your landing here is the end result of hours of searching, sleuthing for answers that many websites make all too difficult to find. We’ve all been there before: one seemingly simple question typed into the Google search box sends us into a wormhole of information overload, and it’s up to us to investigate what’s real versus what’s fake—what information is vetted by the experts and what’s “internet speak”: lots of great words, but nothing of real value underneath them. The search for answers, and the constant need to be on guard against misinformation, is draining—but it’s especially exhausting when the answers we’re looking for pertain to our mental health. With that in mind, I want you to know something: While so much of the Internet can seem completely anonymous and anarchical, Potomac Psychiatry is a very real resource for you that you can turn to and utilize—and it has very real people running the show, for whom helping others brings them enormous joy.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we want to bring that motivation front and center here on the blog, to familiarize you with not only who we are, but how we can specifically help you—starting with answering your most pressing questions. Hopefully by doing so, we create a little corner of the internet that’s just a little bit more personal—and a lot more welcoming, forthcoming, and clear. With that introduction, I’d like to answer one of the most pressing questions our readers have when they call our office for more information: Why are your fees so high? Let’s dig in!

Potomac Psychiatry’s Fee Structure, Explained

Reader, put simply, Potomac Psychiatry’s rates are higher than other practices you might find in a Google search. This is because we do not participate with health insurance plans. We will provide you our reasons below, yet rest assured that if our rates are simply unaffordable for you, we would be happy to provide you the name of an in-network therapist or psychiatrist. We certainly don’t want to add financial stress to your emotional distress.

Listed below, you’ll find three core reasons why our fees are higher—and if you want to know more, you can rest assured that our front desk staff can answer any and all follow-up questions you may have.

Reason #1: Spending More Up Front May Save You Time and Money Down the Road

You may be seeking psychiatric treatment for the first time, or have suffered through the “trial and error” approach with a number of medications prescribed for you, without them helping very much, or perhaps they have caused unacceptable side effects. In either case you want to feel better as quickly as possible, with no side effects. Yet the cost of treatment is a very real concern for you.

Many of our prospective patients ask us: Why should we pay such a high rate when we can get a better rate elsewhere? Our answer is simple: trial and error psychiatry results in thousands more dollars spent over a lifetime, and bring about a state of prolonged and unnecessary suffering. We have a higher initial cost, but through precision psychiatry, our practice has the capability to find the root causes of what’s ailing you and address each of them systematically, ultimately saving you time, money, and a lot of heartache. Don’t just believe us, here is what scientific research will tell you…

Through genetic testing provided by a simple cheek swab, we can help you feel better faster, at a lower cost. Genetic testing can reduce the cost of treatment and improve quality-of-life in patients with depression and other conditions. And in patients with mood or anxiety disorders, three months following the use of genetic testing information, 87% showed clinically measurable improvement; and for those patients with two or more prior treatment failures, 91% showed clinically measurable improvement. Patients also reported significant decreases in medication side effects.

As national experts in the use of genetic testing to restore mental health, we have performed DNA tests in over 2000 patients for the past eight years. Our genetic testing blogs have been read in 206 countries around the globe, and they rank #2 in the nation among all psychiatry blogs.

We are also experts in using other types of personalized laboratory testing (including microbiome, leaky gut, food sensitivities, and nutritional testing) to create a unique personal database of your underlying genetic and biologic vulnerabilities. And then, one-by one, we address each and every one of them.

After each visit, we will provide you a fully-filled-in HCFA 1500 claim form (all you need to do is sign it) that you can directly submit to your insurance company to receive out-of-network benefits for our services should you be eligible. This will support your cash flow and help defray the costs of our services.

If you remain concerned about the cost of treatment with us, we can provide a genetic testing consultation, or a second opinion consultation that incorporates genetic and other types of testing, and furnish you a written treatment plan that could be carried out by an in-network psychiatrist – one who participates with your health insurance plan.

Reason #2: Our Staff Is Your Greatest Advocate

How many times have you called a psychiatric practice in your time of need, only to feel like an inconvenience—or a number, or an anonymous caller? It is one of the greatest frustrations of our time that prospective patients must be put through the ringer of our confusing healthcare system right as they are at the height of their suffering. As individuals try to cope with personal frustration, crisis, or trauma, they are charged with finding out who is in network, who is out of network, who is the best for what you need, what kinds of reimbursement are possible, and more. Not so at Potomac Psychiatry. Whether or not you’re a patient, our team is dedicated to listening to your concerns, answering all your questions, and making sure you get all the information you need, when you need it.

Our admin team is just one call, email, or text away and they will do whatever it takes to lessen the stress and anxiety you already feel in your daily life. They often play the “middle man” in your correspondences between your pharmacy, insurance, and our practice. In today’s

healthcare world, there is a lot of paperwork, administrative tasks, and hoops that need to be jumped through in order to secure coverage for your treatment or medications. Our admin staff is here to ensure that this process is as easy and simple for you as it can be. They will take the time and patience to explain the needlessly complicated process and pricing of anything your insurance or pharmacy might require. Regarding genetic testing and assessments, we have a diagnostic specialist dedicated to explaining the test itself, process, and pricing to you. Regarding prior authorizations for medications and sending claim forms to you for your insurance, we have an executive assistant devoted to filling out your prior authorization form for you so that you can get your medication in a timely manner and finding alternatives for you if your insurance denies coverage. Regarding any questions or requests you want to call us and discuss in real time, we have a hardworking patient coordinator who will pick up the phone or return any voicemail you leave to ensure that all your worries and requests are filled.

But our staff also goes above and beyond these duties. If you call and simply can’t afford our services, or don’t want us to help you with insurance, we can recommend someone who is in network or more in your price range. Our psychiatrists are also happy to develop a full treatment plan with you that you can then take to another practitioner of your choosing. Of course we want to work with you—but as I mentioned before, your wellbeing is our number one priority, not our bottom line. Part of us doing whatever it takes to help you means assisting you in whatever way you need, regardless of whether it means you make an appointment with our doctors.

When our callers ask: Why would I pay more at Potomac? We are happy to point to our staff as the most tangible answer they’ll find. It’s apparent in each and every person on our team how much we care for you and want to see you through your concerns.

Reason #3: Our Award-Winning Doctors Truly Want the Best For You

Reader, Our doctors have consistently ranked among best psychiatric practitioners in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. This year, we were named the “Best Psychiatric Care Provider in Maryland” in Global Health & Pharma’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, and our doctors have been named the top doctors in the area by Washingtonian magazine for several years in a row. The reason for the awards is simple: we see every single patient as an individual. Every person who calls us or walks through our door (or says “hi” on the Zoom screen!) comes to us with a unique past and a specific vision of what they want their future to look like—and we know it’s our job to help you get there. We also know you want to get there as quickly as you can. All too often, treatment for mental health concerns can take years, if not decades. We want you to be your fullest, best self now: and we have the tools that can make that happen.

If you would like additional information about our services and fee structure we encourage you to call us. The internet might be a confusing place, but when it comes to finding out who to trust when it comes to your mental health, it doesn’t have to be. No matter what, we are here to do whatever it takes for you to live your fullest life. Let your journey begin now.

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