Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Nutrition, and Supplements

Complementary and Alternative medicine aims to understand the connection between mind and body, and how the functioning of both contributes to health and disorders. Specifically, complementary and alternative medicine encompasses both traditional western forms of treatments and other strategies or treatments targeted to improve health and healing.

If you have one or more of the following questions or concerns:
  • Current treatment of my emotional problems is not helping me as much as I would like
  • I feel somewhat better, but could I improve even more?
  • I still don’t feel like my old self, before I got ill
  • Are there alternative treatments that could help me avoid taking medicine, or enable me to take less medication?
  • I have responded to treatment and want to help prevent a relapse
  • I want a holistic treatment approach based upon sound scientific research

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East Meets West
There are many approaches to health and healing that are not part of the traditional curriculum in Western medical schools. As people have begun to utilize these non-traditional approaches  in the United States, we have adopted the term “complementary and alternative medicine” to encompass alternative treatments that are outside of standardized Western teaching, yet still based upon scientific research. The thought behind the term “complementary and alternative medicine” is that these treatment methods will complement more traditional medical treatment. 
Utilization of complementary and alternative medicine is increasing in the United States. As patients discover that sometimes their problems are difficult to diagnose, and they don’t respond to standard treatments recommended by doctors within the traditional medical system, many have started to seek further help through alternative or complementary treatments.
In addition, prevention is often addressed through complementary medicine. The traditional Western model of medicine identifies a problem, diagnoses its origin, and then treats either the cause or the symptoms. Many branches of complementary and alternative medicine address prevention as the most important part of healthcare, with the attitude that avoiding disease is better than waiting for it to develop and then treating it. These same principles may apply to preventing a relapse. In addition, people seek out complementary and alternative therapies for long-term (chronic) conditions that have not been successfully treated with conventional medicine.
If you would like to incorporate preventive measures for your mental health into your lifestyle, or would like to seek further help outside the traditional medical model for an emotional problem, consider a consultation at Potomac Psychiatry. Please call 301-984-9791 to schedule your consultation.
  • Types of Services Offered
    • Nutritional Self-awareness
    • Supplements
  • Benefits to Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    • You can achieve overall greater physical health because treatments focus on all areas that contribute to healthy living.
    • The use of conventional medicine can potentially help discover underlying reasons for troubling behaviors and emotions.
    • The strategies and treatments used in complementary and alternative medicine are unique to each client and are customized to fit in with his or her needs and interests.
The substances we put into our body, including the food that we eat, impact our physical health. The foods we do and don’t eat can also affect our mental health. Eating a diet of whole foods, rich in certain types of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates; as well vitamins and minerals, is associated with better mental health. Eating a diet of mainly processed foods, with less optimal fats, proteins, and carbohydrates; and lacking in vitamins and minerals, is conversely associated with poorer mental health.
Nutritional supplementation is a way to improve upon dietary modifications, and to further optimize psychiatric treatment. Supplements come in many forms and combinations. A thoughtful combination of supplements may enhance the prevention and treatment of a number of emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, ADHD, and dementia.


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